New Hope Transport Operates at a Record Uptime with a Versature Solution


New Hope Transport is a Winnipeg-based shipping, warehousing, and logistics organization that focuses on flat deck transportation.


Following an on-premise system fail out, New Hope Transport was determined to upgrade to a reputable phone system that offered more peace of mind.


Using and maintaining their existing on-premise line-based system for several years, New Hope Transport was struck with the unthinkable. Multiple power surges hit their office in quick succession taking out both their primary and back-up power source to their phone system, ultimately killing their client communications. Faced with an expensive bill on the horizon to replace all of the parts and get their phone system back up, they began to look for a solution that would ensure they didn’t go another day without a phone system.


New Hope Transport selected Versature’s cloud-based business phone solution because of its Canadian focus, multiple secure data centers and the easy to configure SONAR portal. Versature’s cloud-based phone solution resides in multiple Canadian data centres to provide geo-redundancy, call failover, and high availability. Each facility is virtually and physically secure, protected by connections to multiple power grids, backup power generators, internet connections, environmental controls and security personnel. Polycom phones with dual-registration ensure that even in the rare event that one data center was compromised due to weather or power outages, you wouldn’t miss a beat.

Some unexpected benefits came with making the switch. New Hope Transport experienced cost savings, getting more features for less than their previous analog system. With a hosted solution, there is no longer a need for IT staff to spend countless hours maintaining antiquated technologies. Working with Versature’s technical support has also been a delightful change for the New Hope Transport team. Since switching from a big telecom provider, they now experience quick service and a high-level of accountability from a team that is eager to find a solution for its clients.


Winnipeg Manitoba, Aylmer Ontario


Transportation and Logistics

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Why Versature?

Reliability, SONAR, Canadian-based, Technical Support

“We know from our business that reliability is very important. I have peace of mind knowing something simple like a power surge isn’t going to take out our phone system for an extended period and also leave us with a steep bill.“

Daniel Grauman
IT Manager

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