New From Versature: Web-Based Attendant Console

Receptionists and office managers have one of the most diversified roles within an organization. They serve as your company’s first impression to clients and act as the go-to resource to every member of your team all while managing multiple day-to-day priorities. The last thing your receptionist needs on top of a busy work schedule is a convoluted phone system that offers limited functionality. In fact, the way in which a customer call is answered and handled can have a significant impact on how your brand is perceived. A seamless and friendly customer calling experience can speak volumes about your organization’s dependability, customer service, and professionalism.

Versature is excited to launch our new Attendant Console – yet another feature engineered to improve operational efficiencies and in turn, your client’s calling experience. Whether you work as a receptionist or find yourself routinely transferring calls, the Attendant Console will serve as one of the most valuable features in your Versature bundle. Through the Attendant Console application within Versature’s client portal, SONAR, you can easily drag and drop a live caller onto a colleague’s name which then seamlessly transfers the caller to the intended recipient. If the caller is searching for a non-specific sales associate or technical support specialist, you can also drag the call into a queue or parking slot. No need to memorize every team member’s extension, or accidentally dial a wrong number! With the attendant console, your callers will be transferred more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

The Attendant Console provides visibility into your colleague’s phone presence so you can see who is available, who is currently on the phone, or unplugged. This feature alleviates the need for additional physical hardware such as an expansion module or side-car. When making or receiving calls through the Attendant Console, you will have the option to communicate through your Polycom desk phone, or Versature’s new SONAR soft-phone.

For more information on how to leverage the Attendant Console, explore the instructional article on Versature Academy!
Attendant Console

About Tyler Cooper

Tyler Cooper serves as Versature’s Director of Client Services, bringing 15+ years of customer relations experience to the telecommunications space. Tyler is an entrepreneur with a background in the private hospitality industry and a customer-centric approach to project management. As a member of the Coaching Association of Canada as well as an ambassador for the Sick Not Weak mental health initiative, Tyler is committed to helping and supporting various members of his community.