Meet Vee – Why the Dolphin?

Vee is a female Atlantic spotted dolphin. She lives in the Bahamas around the islands of Bimini. Her personality is described as gallant. The research team at the Dolphin Communication Project first met Vee in 2012, and she was initially named dolphin #101. The DCP is a research organization whose mission is to promote the scientific study of dolphins and inspire their conservation. The DCP functions relying largely on public donations and when we saw #101 we knew we wanted to be a part of this effort right away.

We got in touch with the DCP and learned about their “name-a-dolphin” program, that lets you name a dolphin in return for a contribution to the organisation. We knew right away that #101 looked like a great addition to the Versature team and so the name Vee was quickly chosen.

Versature’s contribution will go to the research and conservation activities of the DCP who are making sure that Vee and all of her dolphin friends are safe and secure from harm, and better understood by us humans.

You’re probably wondering now, why dolphins? Versature’s logo is a dolphin, we named a dolphin, and now we’re blogging about dolphin related things. Why not penguins, or baby goats, or some other more exciting animal? Well, here’s what our CEO, Paul Emond had to say when asked the question.

“We chose the dolphin for a number of reasons. Most importantly, dolphins are the best communicators in the animal kingdom behind the human race. Also, the personality of the dolphin meshed well with the culture we were trying to create – teamwork, family, with a healthy dose of fun and playfulness.”

Now you know.

Visit The Dolphin Communication Project if you want to learn more about dolphins, the DCP and how to support them. You can also follow Vee on her Facebook page.

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