1 Year After Versature’s Acquisition: Where Are They Now?

Exactly one year ago today, we announced that Versature had been acquired by net2phone, a global provider of unified communications services and subsidiary of IDT Corporation. Time flies! In celebration of our anniversary of becoming part of the net2phone family, we’re reflecting on our year and how we’ve progressed.

When small businesses get acquired, the future is often uncertain. Employees can lose direction, productivity plummets, and the vision of the organization gets lost in the unknown. This couldn’t be further from the case for Team V. Our leadership team held a very clear vision of what the future held for Versature and was determined to support every department in finding success. In the months following the acquisition we held a team-wide celebration at the Moscow Tea Room, began working with the incredible individuals that make up the net2phone executive team, and prepared for the higher targets, rapid growth and innovation that was about to take place.

When we shared the news that we had been acquired, we promised that Versature would “accelerate its expansion in Canada through investment in the partner and direct channels, recruit additional top talent and continue the development of innovative call, voice-centric, and unified communications technology solutions.”

Here’s how we delivered on that promise:

  • We’ve doubled the size of our team and are continuing to grow, even acquiring more office space to accommodate everybody.
  • We’ve launched our channel team, comprised of 3 talented sales managers, a marketing manager and a channel sales director.
  • We’ve developed innovative features like our new Zendesk integration, a Hotkey Builder, and free international calling to over 30+ countries to all new and existing clients.

Coming together as a team.

While our team has grown from 37 to 67 and developed more of a corporate structure, we still maintain the same startup culture we had from the start. The foos room is thrice as busy, our beer o’clock stock needs to be replenished weekly, and we have a team for nearly every sport (is dodgeball a sport?). There is no “corporate-style” decision making that typically infects large enterprises. Our departments are constantly collaborating and working together towards our primary objective of improving our product for clients.

Same great service.

Among our innovative products, and unbeatable service, Versature is well known for its commitment to client success. It’s not just a buzzword we use in marketing campaigns. We take it seriously, even assigning dedicated customer success managers to our clients. This commitment has never wavered. In fact, we’ve invested more resources than ever before in ensuring our clients get the most value out of our product. We’re proud to say that a year later, we still maintain a 101% net retention rate.

Where are we going?

net2phone’s acquisition of Versature has opened the door to a multitude of opportunities! With larger budgets and top talent, we’re going to continue to innovate our product, grow our team and work towards our mission of becoming the top VoIP provider servicing Canadian businesses.

About Danica Bateman

Danica Bateman serves as Versature's Marketing Specialist, creating social content surrounding cloud-based business VoIP communication solutions, helping to increase Versature's community outreach and marketing efforts. When she's not uploading posts to Versature's social, she's often baking treats or playing boardgames!