Leveraging Tech Support to Understand Your Customers

Tech support plays a crucial role in any service company. They’re a resource to your clients, they’re knowledgeable about your solution, they mitigate problems, and they’re the first ones to gain insight into the most common queries that your clients have when it comes to your service. The insight that your tech support team receives from every call is paramount to better understanding your customer and in turn, improving business decisions. However, while your tech support team is busy handling call after call, they don’t have the resources to compile this information and take action.

With a value-added VoIP solution, you’ll be able to record customer calls and securely store hundreds of recordings in the cloud for long-term or short-term periods. We get it, nobody has time to take out of their busy work schedule to listen to and analyze hundreds of call recordings. So what are you going to do with this, anyway? Welcome, intelligent transcription. With this advanced technology, your conversations appear as text transcriptions so you can save time by quickly and easily filtering through conversations.

At Versature, we leverage all of our own tools to gain insight into customer needs and unoptimized opportunities. We used intelligent transcription from Insights (currently in testing, available soon!) to identify the most common keywords that our tech support team hears from our clients on a daily basis and threw them into a word search puzzle. Give it a go!


Empower your management team with a value-packed phone solution and call data analysis tools. See the power of Insights in action with a personalized demo today!


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