Layer3 Helps Boutique Law Firm Remain Accessible to Clients 24/7 through Versature


Naidu Legal is a Saskatchewan-based boutique law firm. Founded in 2019, Naidu Legal offers a fresh and sincere approach to family law, helping clients overcome stressful and emotionally charged disputes. Naidu Legal also provides services in the areas of real estate, wills and estates, and immigration.


Naidu Legal needed a cloud-based phone solution that would support its 24/7 accessibility requirements, and with an upcoming office move, have the flexibility of moving from one location to another with minimal disruption.


For organizations in the legal industry, client interactions are not confined to the regular 8 hour work day. Having limited mobility with their traditional PBX system was becoming increasingly problematic. Without having even the most common features like call forwarding, Naidu Legal’s phone system was not only hindering their client calling experience, but was disrupting every day office efficiencies. Naidu Legal needed a phone solution that would support its other cloud-based softwares and complement their modern and customer-centric approach to legal services.


Rather than spending valuable time researching phone service providers, Naidu Legal enlisted the expertise of their IT Provider, Layer3, whose product knowledge and experience in business phone systems would promise a smooth and efficient transition. Having previously worked with many VoIP providers, Layer3 advocated on behalf of Versature for its flexible technology and success in supporting small businesses. In upgrading from a legacy system, Naidu Legal suddenly had access to advanced telephony features; from integrations to call analytics and dashboards. Layer3 worked alongside Naidu Legal and Versature to configure an intuitive solution that would suit their specific business needs.

As with upgrading any business technology, the process can be cumbersome. Layer3 took the onus off the Naidu Legal team, serving as the point of contact for any technical needs, providing the required cabling, and installing each device. The strategic implementation of Versature’s cloud-based solution increased the firm’s flexibility, enabling the team at Naidu Legal to remain connected and available to clients at all hours. The efficiencies created by Versature’s software allow work to be completed in the most time effective way – critical for a firm that is sharply focused on their client’s success.


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



Client Base

Saskatchewan families, immigrants, and real estate professionals

Why Versature

Mobile app, ease of use, intuitive client portal, inclusive features

“In the world of law, communication is key. What’s even better is leveraging the latest technology through Versature to communicate with clients more efficiently. Our firm recently implemented a quality cloud-based business phone solution, and we couldn’t be more impressed.”

Ashala Naidu
Naidu Legal


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