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No Cabling? No Problem – Law Firm Opts for Cordless VoIP Solution

The Company

The Plante-Hébert Kalash Avocats Inc. team of lawyers and legal assistants provide personalized, accessible, and simplified legal services to residents of the Montreal area.

The Goal

Upgrade VoIP communication services to a more reliable system that can operate wirelessly.

The Situation

The legal team at Plante-Hebert Kalash had been struggling to conduct business with an unreliable VoIP service and began researching reliable alternatives. Without internet drops wired into each work space at the law firm’s office, the team needed a solution that could operate wirelessly and provide high-quality voice communications.

Solution and Results

After conducting some research online, Plante-Hébert Kalash reached out to the sales team at Versature and instantly took a liking to the team and services offered. Versature sales staff worked quickly and efficiently with the technical contact at the law firm to develop a custom, cordless VoIP phone solution that could support the needs of the unique office space.

Since implementing Versature hosted phone services, Plante-Hébert Kalash Avocats and staff no longer experience dropped calls and wavering call quality. Instead, the team enjoys crystal-clear HD Voice Technology and reliable call connectivity. Panasonic SIP cordless phones powered by the Versature system, all of which is backed up by a Canadian, bilingual customer support team, let the team at Plante-Hébert Kalash Avocats focus on client matters rather than phone system woes.

The law firm has also come to depend on Sonar, Versature’s customer portal. Sonar allows Plante-Hébert Kalash lawyers and legal staff to manage individual and system-wide user preferences on the go, ensuring they are always accessible to clients and colleagues.

Our office space was a tricky one to outfit… we needed cordless VoIP phone technology but weren’t willing to sacrifice call quality. With Versature, we get the best of both worlds. – Paul Kalash, Managing Partner

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