Your IT Team Has Your Back

For most business owners, VoIP technology (and network technology in general) is understandably not something they are intimately familiar with. This is where an in-house IT Technician or an external MSP (Managed Service Provider) is beneficial.

What does I.T. even do?

IT Technicians are responsible for everything on your business’s network. This includes the computers, the phones, the network itself (wifi or ethernet), and any other technology that is connected. If it’s tech related, your IT Technician will handle it.

Your IT team must be highly qualified, and should represent a wide range of support services. For example, you wouldn’t want to hire an IT that specialized solely in printers if your company also uses computers, has WiFi, and requires VoIP phones. You wouldn’t get support for 90% of your network!

What if my company isn’t large enough for in-house I.T.?

If your company isn’t large enough or doesn’t have the budget to warrant an in-house IT Specialist or IT team, you can hire a Managed Service Provider. Managed Service Providers, or MSPs for short, are an external company you hire to take care of your network for you. These providers offer all kinds of service plans, such as a monthly unlimited plan at a fixed price point to “pay as you need them” minutes for IT support.

Why should I have a strong I.T. team?

Having a reliable and strong IT team, whether in-house or an MSP, is extremely beneficial to any business that relies on the internet or computers to conduct business. Simply put, they deliver peace of mind that if something in your network breaks, they will be there to solve it. You won’t need to be the person on the phone with some off-shored customer support agent for your internet service, cramped in your IT closet, trying to explain to them what’s wrong.

“I see a couple white boxes, there are some lights on, one of them is flashing green… I think it has a square icon beside it?”

There’s a reason why Managed Service Providers exist. Having an MSP in your speed dial means that you don’t need to worry about your network, and you can focus on what your business does best.

Not only that, but it shortens the chain of communication if there’s an issue that involves multiple pieces. Say your network is down and you don’t have an IT team. Your VoIP phones, which rely on your network to function, are also down. Instead of having to be on the phone with your VoIP provider and network provider trying to explain the issue to both of them, only to have to try to explain what the other person said when you have to relay information from one provider to the other, you’ve got someone whose job it is to deal with all of that for you. You’re essentially hiring a translator that speaks Tech-ese, like if you were going on vacation to another country. Your IT team will probably also have contacts at each of the companies you work with, making the whole process more streamlined as well.

How do I find I.T. support?

At Versature, we highly recommend having an IT specialist on staff or an MSP your business can call in case there are any problems with your network. It will not only help our Tech Support relay highly technical information to solve problems, but it will make the entire process more streamlined and less frustrating for you. That means less time on the phone trying to get tech problems solved, and more time to focus on what your business does best.

We work with all IT teams and MSPs, however we have to say we have a few favourites across the country who know us well. Talk to one of our Product Experts today so we can help you create a connection with an MSP in your area. You’ll also learn how VoIP is a great phone solution for any business and how to get rid of that gross phone box you’ve probably got in a closet somewhere.


About Andre Pelletier

Currently serving as the Technical Support Team Lead at Versature, Andre has used his skills and experience since 2010 to help solve clients' problems. An avid fitness enthusiast, Andre enjoys cycling and working out when he's not at Versature (although you can also catch him reading or playing video games, too!).