Is Your Business Moving?

Versature recently moved to a larger facility, as we were completely out of space.  If you are in a situation like this, you’ve already started your planning.  Adding Versature’s Cloud-Hosted business VoIP phone system into your pre-move planning will undoubtedly save you time and stress. Read on to find out how.

When a business is moving or relocating it often triggers a review of the companies’ phone system, because of one of these factors:

  1. The business is moving to a different area of the city or country, and they are told that they can’t keep their phone number.
  2. The business is either growing or contracting, and their current phone system is old, not meeting the current needs of the organization, and/or will require expensive upgrades.
  3. Companies want to take advantage of the latest features of Business VoIP Phone Systems, including Voicemail-to-Email, Find-me/Follow-me, integration with Smartphones, and bringing together remote office and remote workers.

As you know, a company move can be an extremely demanding and stressful event. Multiple people are involved in the planning of the move, but inevitably in our experience, the topic of the phone system is left until the very end. This is unfortunate because there is a benefit to a Hosted VoIP phone system that isn’t evident until it is brought to your attention.  Let me explain…

Moving is a stressful time because of all of the coordination that is required. With a traditional phone system, the most important part of the process is that you have to liaise with the phone company to make sure your phone lines move at the exact time that you do (We all know how great the phone company is at meeting deadlines). You also have to coordinate with your phone system technicians so that they will move the PBX phone system for you (that big bulky box on the wall in your closet). All of this activity, including the moving of furniture and computers, is usually planned over a crazy-busy weekend, allowing all of the systems to be up and running on Friday at the old location and available on Monday at the new location. That seems like a recipe for failure, and trust me, if you weren’t up and running on Monday for whatever reason, you wouldn’t be the first person in this situation.

I have a better option for you! Check out the advantages that a Hosted VoIP phone system provides to a company that is moving:

  1. Keep your phone number, even if you are moving across the country.
  2. No coordination required with the phone company.
  3. No requirement for specialized technicians.  Just move the phones and plug them in.
  4. Move staff when convenient.  So long as there is an internet connection at the new location, staff can be moved slowly over a week or two with no loss of productivity.
  5. If there is a gap between when you leave your old space and get your new space, staff can even be setup to work temporarily from home with their Versature VoIP phones.

We suggest setting up your new Hosted VoIP phone system three months or more before the big move date. This allows your people to get comfortable with the new system at your old location and minimizes productivity issues after you move. This also permits you to move people piecemeal and allows for maximum flexibility when you are planning the move.

Take away the stress of your move in 2012 with a Hosted PBX phone system from Versature. Usually, Versature’s Communication solutions are slightly less expensive than what you are currently paying for your phone lines, PBX system maintenance, and long distance charges. It’s a win-win, why not Get an instant estimate today!

About Paul Emond

As the Founder of Versature, Paul Emond provides the strategic vision and direction for the company. He is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience starting and growing great companies. His last venture,, was named to the Profit 100 list two years in a row and was sold in 2012 . Under Paul’s leadership, Versature has experienced 450% growth over the past 5 years developing an extensive, loyal Versature customer base of over 7000 subscribers as well as establishing an MSP partner network coast to coast. He has disrupted the communications industry with the launch of the Versature TRUST initiative, the first and only initiative of its kind in telecom, providing insight and full transparency to the public about Versature system status in real-time and historical system performance data. Paul has developed a unique company culture that has attracted and retained top talent to Versature for well over decade. Versature is recognized for business excellence by the Canadian business community and the telecommunications industry including Canadian Telecommunications Employer of Choice in 2015, Best Ottawa Business in 2015, named one of Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2013, and Business of the Year in 2012.