Mythbusters Volume 3: Is Upgrading to VoIP Expensive?

Welcome to Volume 3 of Versature’s MythBusters series, where we debunk the biggest myths surrounding unified business communications in today’s technology-driven world. When upgrading from a traditional analog model to a cloud-based solution, one of the main questions business owners have is “how much is this going to cost?” While all VoIP providers have different pricing models and varying features, it’s pretty well known that price is usually an indicator of value. With that being said, upgrading to VoIP doesn’t have to break the bank. The Versature Mythbusters team is back to answer your commonly asked questions about the costs associated with switching to VoIP.

Analog System Vs. VoIP

Traditional Analog System

It can be challenging to compare the financing of a VoIP system to a traditional analog system as they have completely different pricing models. With an on-premise system, you essentially have a large, expensive piece of equipment sitting in your office which hosts features like your auto attendant and voicemail. While the equipment doesn’t require much maintenance, when you do experience a challenge it calls for the expertise of a technician. The other piece of the equation is your monthly recurring costs such as call minutes and long-distance calling. When businesses search for a new provider, many only look at the second half of the equation: what their monthly bill is with their current provider. Think of it like buying a car and only considering the base price and monthly payments while ignoring all of the costs of operating a vehicle like snow tires, insurance, oil changes, maintenance fees, etc.


It’s a completely different ball game when you’re in the market for a cloud-based product. You should be looking at the cost structure over time. With a VoIP system, you don’t have to pay for the installing and programming of a box, the physical hardware, or the lines from major telco companies, which equates to thousands in upfront costs and maintenance fees. With a VoIP system, the cost equation is very straightforward: you pay a certain amount ahead, plus the cost of the system per user per month of your contract.

The Value of VoIP

While we can’t speak on behalf of every VoIP provider, the Versature solution offers so many more features and delivers more scalability and mobility than a traditional analog system. Say goodbye to compromised call quality, expensive maintenance fees, and being married to your desk because your phone doesn’t have the ability to transfer calls to your mobile device. With Versature VoIP, your business has the flexibility of connecting multiple offices to be bridged together in one solution, you have easy navigation and customization of your system with no need to hire expensive technicians, and you can leverage call data to improve business decisions. As our Product Experts like to say, we’re so much more than just a dial tone.

Final Verdict

Now for the Versature Mythbusters verdict: is upgrading to VoIP expensive? Not necessarily. You may be spending more per month for your service but you’ll receive far more value and can leverage the features and call data to make more informed decisions and improve customer relationships.

Are you ready to get rid of that outdated PBX box? Get a product tour from one of our experts and upgrade to VoIP today!


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