Introducing Versature’s Zendesk Integration

We’re excited to launch our new integration with Zendesk, a customer service and engagement platform leveraged by businesses worldwide to create a unique customer experience.

Versature is committed to developing and deploying powerful communications features that add value to our client’s organizations, which is why we continually check in with our clients to see if there are any features or integrations that we could develop to add to their solution. Through these conversations, our Customer Success Team recognized that Zendesk was a popular tool with our users, and that many of our clients had the same use case for the platform: tracking customer engagements.

We partnered with Zendesk users to identify their workflow requirements and build an integration that supported these activities. Over the course of several months, a Versature client piloted the integration to identify certain feature requirements and to ensure the program served their needs. Through this pilot, Versature’s team of developers built an all-in-one integration that runs calling activities through the Zendesk platform and automates call data inputting.

Here’s how it works:

Agents that are logged into the queue will have calls come in through Zendesk. If the incoming phone number matches an existing user profile, the platform will automatically look up that user and identify any open cases. Any unresolved cases within the user profile will populate in a list. If the user profile has no cases, the client profile will be pulled up to create a new ticket. If the phone number does not match an existing profile, Zendesk will reroute to a page to create a new client profile.

This integration will allow businesses to track any phone-based interaction with clients. Whether your callers are experiencing a challenge, placing an order, or simply need to chat with a representative, the record of the phone call will be linked to the case. This call data will automatically populate within the Zendesk platform so that agents no longer have to manually add every detail.

This integration is now available for any existing clients using the Zendesk platform. If you’re interested in piloting the integration, please contact or dial 611 off your Versature device.

To see the Zendesk integration in action, visit the Versature Acaedemy today!

About Adrian Daminato

Adrian is Versature's Core Infrastructure Manager. Aside from tinkering with new technologies, Adrian has been spending his days at Versature honing in on his foosball skills, and showing off pictures of his Australian Shepherd puppy, Ada.