Introducing Versature’s Teleportation Services

Industry-leading uCaaS provider, Versature, is the first to launch ground-breaking teleportation device

Ottawa, Ontario, April 1, 2019– Versature, a Canadian provider of SaaS-based business VoIP communications solutions, today announced the successful launch of its newest service offering: teleportation via outdated phone booth. This innovative new product, coined the “teleportation booth”, enables users to immediately transport from one location to another within a fraction of a second, ultimately saving valuable time, capital, and environmental resources.

“Following years of research and testing, Versature is thrilled to be the first to market with the teleportation booth,” said Versature COO, Jonathon Moody. “With this innovative technology, global transportation has become instantaneous. We have officially changed the way people travel and communicate.”

For years, researchers have deemed this type of technology “futuristic” with few actually acknowledging its potential. Following up on its success as a business communications provider, Versature has officially launched the age of space travel.

For more information on this revolutionary new product, please watch the following informational video:

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