Introducing the Versature Zoho Integration

Every business phone system should provide value beyond core and advanced business features. Data collected from call activity is extremely valuable when shared with other business systems, turning call activity into actionable insights. Whether you are looking to capture call activity from sales and support teams in a CRM or use call recordings for training and mentoring purposes, your cloud-based phone system should offer a variety of integrations with other business systems.

Here at Versature, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest integration with Zoho, the end-to-end, fully customizable CRM solution leveraged by growing businesses around the world. Through this integration, users will be able to make, take and track calls directly within the Zoho platform, providing more accurate reporting statistics and seamless information transfers between team members.

Whether you want to quickly capture notes, review the status of an important conference call, or compile metrics for a specific team, the integration gives you full visibility of your team’s performance through statistics that securely and automatically populate in your Zoho application. Along with metric tracking, the Versature integration provides a click-to-answer pop-up with useful contact information and documentation options.

Here are just some of the integration’s features:

  • Click to call phone numbers from within Zoho.
  • Be notified of an inbound call from a pop-up (“call pop”) within the Zoho platform.
  • Lead and contact information is available right within the call pop, who they are and what organization they’re from.
  • Take notes within the call pop for easy record keeping.
  • Add follow-up actions like “Call”, “Event”, and “Task” right from the “call pop” screen to instantly and easily tie it to that account.
  • Automatically capture important information like Call Time, Call Duration, and Call Type (Inbound, Outbound, Missed).

Versature has developed integrations with industry leading cloud-based systems, tools, and technologies to incorporate insights from call data into your day to day business workflows . View our whole suite of Integrations here:
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Adrian is Versature's Core Infrastructure Manager. Aside from tinkering with new technologies, Adrian has been spending his days at Versature honing in on his foosball skills, and showing off pictures of his Australian Shepherd puppy, Ada.