Detailed Call Analytics from Versature! Sonar General Office Manager UI screenshot

Improving Business Operations with Detailed Call Analytics from Versature

Detailed Call Analytics are one of the hidden gems of the Versature business VoIP solution. Whether your role with your organization is as an office or IT manager, or more involved with your phone solution as a call centre supervisor, making regular use of call analytics can afford huge efficiencies to your organization.

Call Analytics for the General Office Manager

Let’s start with the more general role of Office Manager. If you are an office manager with your organization, then you should be listed as an Admin or Technical contact on your Versature account and therefore have access to a wider array reporting and system customization than the average user.

Please note, if you are not an admin or technical contact on your account and feel that you should be, please contact us.

Logging in to SONAR, our online customer portal, and clicking Manage Organization in the upper righthand corner of the window will take you to the Office Manager view of the interface. From here, office managers can view real time and historical call data about their organization such as active calls, calls per hour, and calls per day. You can also view a quick summary of your Versature account, including features like Call Queues and conference phone numbers.

Detailed Call Analytics from Versature! SONAR General Office Manager UI screenshot

Monitoring this dashboard can give office managers insight into the call activity of their organization, specific teams, or individuals. Some users even choose to go the extra mile and export a report on their billing history, which will show complete phone usage (inbound and outbound) by every single Versature extension. This data can be modelled out in spreadsheets, graphs, and pivot tables for further analysis.

Data like calls per hour and calls per day is important for a number of reasons.

  1. It can aid in staffing and scheduling decisions based on peak call volume times,
  2. identify opportunities for growth or reduction based on call handling, and
  3. give you an initial assessment of your organization’s general phone use.

Information like long distance calling, obtained from your detailed call logs and billing history, can identify opportunities for cost reduction as well. Is your entire team on Essentials level business phone plans? Are one or more of those team members making more than $5 worth of long distance calls each month? It may be worth considering upgrading to a Professional level plan for these staff which has unlimited Canada and US calling versus only local calling on the former.

If you would like help doing an assessment of your Versature phone usage to help identify areas like this for improvement, give my team a call! Dialing 6-1-1 from your Versature device will put you in touch with me or a member of my team.

Call Analytics for the Call Centre Manager

If your organization uses a number of Call Queues or Ring Groups, then one or more people should be assigned the Call Centre Manager on your account.

The Call Centre Manager or Supervisor is able to log in to SONAR and see additional call insights beyond what the general office manager has access to, especially those regarding call queues and ring groups for inbound sales or customer support teams.

Detailed Call Analytics from Versature! Call Centre Supervisor UI in SONAR screenshot

From the Call Centre Supervisor UI, users can access data relating to active calls, calls waiting, idle call agents, and can set various thresholds on this data to send alerts when limits have been or are close to being hit.

I use the Call Centre Supervisor dashboard to monitor how many calls my technical support team is getting, how many calls are being answered, how many calls are being abandoned, and after how many rings all of this is happening. Stats like call volume and abandoned calls help me adjust our staffing arrangements or call queue setups (e.g. switching from a cascading call queue to a round robin call queue) to better suit our call volume needs. I am also able to set goals for my team, such as maximum call wait times, and and monitor how we progress towards achieving those goals through the customizable thresholds and dashboards.

Call Centre Supervisor UI in SONAR - thresholds view screenshot

The analysis of call data via easy to read dashboards like the Call Centre Supervisor one in SONAR can help managers pinpoint and address lags in call efficiencies. Maybe additional call handling staff need to be brought on board, or the schedules of current staff rearranged, or additional training provided to staff who have longer than average call handling times.

Call Centre Supervisor customizable thresholds and dashboards are a great way to stay on top of ever-changing call statistics and ensure you are maximizing the potential of your call centre team and Versature business VoIP solution.

While often overlooked, call analytics can play in a critical role in maximizing the efficiency of your organization. Call data can often reveal inefficiencies and opportunities in your call management processes, leading to data-backed decisions about staffing, scheduling, call handling procedures, and more. Set call goals for your organization and achieve them with the help of Versature!

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