Hydropothecary Relies on Versature for a Phone System that is Agile in a Quick-Growth Environment

Client Case Study: Hydropothecary


The Hydropothecary Corporation is a licensed producer and distributor of medical marijuana, whose expansion plans put it among the top cannabis producers in Canada. It is the first licensed producer based out of Quebec and services clients across the country.


As a company with award winning customer service, offering a 24/7 bilingual client and police hotline, Hydropothecary needed a system that would be able to offer total flexibility.


Hydropothecary was looking for a phone system that would allow maximum flexibility to adapt to the demands of a quickly evolving industry. The Hydropothecary team set three primary requirements that their future phone service needed to meet: scalable, easy to manage, and flexibility for a remote workforce.


After settling on VoIP technology, Hydropothecary began its search for a provider that would work with them to meet their needs. Their first provider was a disappointment and was unable to deliver the support Hydropothecary required. Hydropothecary learned about Versature, verified that their requirements would be met, and implemented the new phone system immediately.

A speedy rollout was able to address challenges such as having employees with desktop phones in the office and wireless phones when working from home. Versature met the three main requirements set out by the business; scaling to meet the needs of a growing company, delivering a service that is easily managed from anywhere in the world, and making sure Hydropothecary staff were never tied to a single location.

The successful implementation of the Versature phone service means that Hydropothecary is always able to deliver high quality service to those that call and keep the team connected.

“The biggest thing for us was the ability to manage and access the service from anywhere –  it enabled us to be extremely responsive and easy to reach in a fast-paced environment. The fact that Versature is 100% Canadian and has a great team just sealed the deal.” – Shane Ingram, IT Support Manager, Hydropothecary

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