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Hot, Hot, Hot SaaS Tools for 2017

Things are finally heating up across Canada as we emerge from the deep freeze of winter and enter those few blissful summer months, but the weather’s not the only thing that’s cranking up the dial! SaaS disruptors everywhere have been making waves in their industries and are revolutionizing the way businesses operate. The following are some of the hottest SaaS tools that have been on our radar in 2017, listed in alphabetical order.

Gainsight – Customer Success for High-Growth SaaS Companies

SaaS-based customer success for customer success focused SaaS companies (say that 7 times fast). Gainsight provides technology and insight driven customer success management for software providers via a 360° customer view platform. The unique insights on customer health, engagement, and ROI make them the #1 service provider for increasing customer retention, driving client advocacy, and increasing upsells.

Gainsight is the leader in the Customer Success space. Their platform provides the best all-encompassing view of the customer, their actions, and their intent. Gainsight’s thought leadership surrounding customer success and client retention is unrivalled!” says Versature’s own Tyler Cooper, Director of Client Services, who looks to Gainsight published tools and resources for planning, implementing, and measuring our own customer success initiatives. See more from Tyler Cooper with his post “The Cross-Functional Approach to Customer Success“.

Gainsight Logo - Hot SaaS Tools 2017

Influitive – The Advocate Marketing Experts

Influitive helps marketers and customer success managers turn clients into brand advocates. Referrals, warm leads, and word-of-mouth inbounds all create substantial revenue for any thriving business and are integral to growth seekers. Influitive offers a full suite of features surrounding referral campaigns and reference management. From brand awareness to sales enablement to ongoing customer success, Influitive can offer a lot of value throughout all stages of your pipeline.

 Klipfolio – Dashboards for Your Team & Clients

With more than 8,000 businesses using their data mashup and visualization tools, Klipfolio is becoming a quintessential piece to any data-driven marketing, sales, customer support, finance, and management team. Klipfolio connects to hundreds of cloud services, allowing users to pull in a variety of data sources and create easy-to-read dashboards. We’re big users and advocates of Klipfolio here at Versature as anyone who has ever taken a tour of our office can attest to. Each functional unit has their own set of dashboards mounted to the wall or hanging from the ceiling for all to see, keeping teams honest and communications open. Versature clients can even pull their call data into Klipfolio via our Klipfolio Integration! Monitor the health of your customer care call queues, check in on support or outbound sales agents, and uncover actionable business insights hidden in your call records and call handling processes.

Klipfolio Logo, Hottest SaaS Tools 2017

PageCloud – “The World’s Best Drag and Drop Website Builder”

An homage to another Ottawa based SaaS disruptor, this one goes out to PageCloud. PageCloud provides an easy-to-use drag and drop website creator and editor. Users are able to layer, resize, rotate, and stretch in ways other website builders have never made possible. PageCloud integrates with almost every app under the sun, making it one of the most user-friendly web creation tools on the market. Expert support staff help everyone from newbies to web design wizards get the most from their service and create something truly unique.

Pagecloud Logo - Hot SaaS Tools 2017

Plecto – Team Motivation Software

Plecto provides team motivation software aimed at boosting performance. With Plecto, sales team managers can create custom dashboards that display real-time performance data across any device, develop dashboards that stream and visualize key performance data from your existing systems, instantly broadcast successes and keep teams informed with automated “win” notifications, reward individual accomplishments and milestones with customizable achievement badges, and spark friendly competitions by ranking teams on a real-time performance leaderboard.

Plecto is so hot on the SaaS market that Versature now comes fully integrated! Pull call data and user statistics on your sales staff into your Plecto environment for quick and easy performance reviews. You’ll see more information from us on the Versature + Plecto integration soon!

Plecto Logo - Hottest SaaS Tools 2017

Zenefits – All-In-One HR Platform

Following the “hub and spoke” business model, Zenefits has seen wild success in the positioning of their offer. Zenefits offers their cloud-based “all in one HR platform” completely free to business subscribers. So how do they make their money, you ask? By then contracting with business clients to become their health insurance broker. It’s an interesting approach to SaaS sales which has seen huge payoffs for the skyrocketing company!

Zenefits Logo - 2017 Hot SaaS Tools

SaaS Integrations from Versature

Bulking up your SaaS tech-stack? Check out Versature’s suite of integrations with leading cloud vendors! Get more from your phone system with deep business insights, improved processes, and a stellar user experience. Learn more!

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