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Holiday Phone Checklist

The holiday season is upon us, which means some people will be out of the office or even getting ready to go to a nice, warm, sunny place and leave the cold Canadian winter behind for a week or two. (Just letting you know, we’re super jealous and wish we were there too.)

Last year at this time we did a blog post on how to set up your holiday communications, including recording new voicemail greetings, configuring auto attendants and time of day rules for holiday hours, and email vacation responders, so this year it’s time to give you some tips on how to survive the holidays. Don’t forget that if you need any help at all with setting up your holiday voicemail or Auto Attendant, you can contact our tech support team by dialing 6-1-1 from your Versature phone.

4 Steps to a Perfectly Communicated Holiday

1. Wish a happy holiday to your prospects, customers & partners

It’s always great to have a positive reason to reach out to someone you do business with, just because. Use the holidays as a great opportunity to connect with people you want to do business with, existing customers and your partners. Thank them for their support and wish them all of the best this holiday season and a prosperous new year! Pick up the phone, or better yet – click to dial.

2. Set up your out of the office notifications

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but letting people know when you’ll be out of the office will help them decide whether they’re fine to wait until you return, or if they should be contacting someone else in your organization for immediate assistance. Have a quick chat with your workmates to let them know you’ll be out and send a little note to remind them. Use this as an opportunity to spread good cheer and wish them happy holidays. Double check that email and voicemail out of office notifications are set to be enabled for the dates that you will be absent.

3. Set your communications expectations

There are some people I know who go on vacation and are pretty much attached to their work laptops or phones. Others leave work at work and just enjoy whatever tropical beach they’re on. Letting callers/emailers know how likely it is you’ll respond during your time away will help them make other arrangements if need be. If you are checking in daily, and will respond accordingly or cutting the cord while you are out of the office, make sure you set everyone’s expectations.

4. Who to contact in your absence

Some things can wait until you’re back in the office, however others require immediate assistance. Give your callers/emailers someone they can reach out to when you’re gone in case of an emergency. Make sure they will be available and aren’t going away at the same time!

Stay Connected

Even if you’re out of the office you can still stay in touch by setting up call forwarding and Versature SmartAnswer, where you can get all of your calls forwarded to your phone and prefaced by knowing that they’re from your office phone so you can decide whether you want to answer them or not. Plus, use our voicemail to email features and Versature Scribe to receive your voicemails delivered to your email inbox in both a .wav audio file and transcribed text.

Here at Versature we’d like to wish you the best this holiday season!

Versature Team

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