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Creating a High Performing Data-Driven Sales Organization

The modern sales organization is complex. There are many moving parts including ever-changing technology, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), pipelines, forecasts and the sales teams themselves who generate the revenue for the company.

Biggest Challenge of a Sales Organization – Data Quality

With data being the indicator and driver of sales performance at the department and individual level, it is catastrophic for a sales organization to be missing any pieces that will assist in providing a clear and accurate view of the business.

Let’s face it, sales people are busy and always working on closing the next deal. Even when data is entered, there will be inconsistencies between the data entered from one rep to another and entering data between flights, meetings, or as time permits is not conducive to accuracy. Inaccurate and inconsistent data is a huge problem for any sales organization who is serious about measuring performance. What most sales leaders don’t know, is that this problem can be solved easily!

What if your sales team were able to call a prospect or client with the click of a button from their web browser and with another click, instantly capture and add call activity details as they occur into a central CRM system? This sounds like a quick and easy solution to an all too common problem for any sales team. Accurate data can mean the difference between a positive forecast, primed pipeline, and perceived poor performance.

Customer details, call activity, notes, and sales stage easily captured, accurately.

Staying Connected While Making the Sale

Keeping tabs on a sales team when they are off in different directions to meet with clients or attending conferences and networking events is close to impossible. Prospects shouldn’t have to track down their rep while they are on the road, and salespeople shouldn’t have to struggle to stay connected so they can do their jobs.

Every sales team needs a unified communication experience to remain accessible to their clients, sales leadership, and administration to tie in the office environment into their local surroundings. This requires a consistent and reliable experience whether one is using a desktop phone, softphone installed on a computer, or a mobile device. Not only that, but sales teams need to have the same features and functionality across all platforms and devices so they can do their jobs anywhere, at any time.

Always making the sale, anytime anywhere from any device.

Measuring Sales Performance

Sales leaders need to make sure their teams are performing at their highest capacity, whether that means cold calling, lead nurturing, guiding customers through the sales cycle and ultimately closing the deal. It isn’t enough to monitor performance. Call data can be used to proactively tune the sales organization to be a smooth running machine.  Here are some call related metrics that sales should be using to monitor and measure performance:

Sales Development Reps (SDR) / Outbound Salescall date/times,  # of outgoing calls, calls by geo-location, outgoing calls to sales qualified leads ratio.
Account Executives# of calls between sales cycle phases (lead to appointment, appointment to opportunity, opportunity to closed won/lost, lack of call activity between phases.
Customer Serviceincoming call queue statistics, geo locations, industries, call answer & wait times, peak time performance, dropped calls, agent performance.

Call stats and activity can also provide insight into coaching opportunities for sales staff and identify needs for additional training that will help increase sales performance. It can also highlight high performers and those who may need coaching to get them to the next level in their career.

Use call data to monitor, manage and improve sales performance.

The Ultimate Sales Data Mashup

Customer intelligence is the most powerful tool for any sales representative to have in their kit.

By combining social caller ID and other call information with marketing automation data on customer behaviour like web content consumption, sales and marketing can provide a more personalized experience and identify any ‘delight the customer’ opportunities to accelerate any sales cycle.

The creation of dashboards that combine Data from Call Activity, CRM and Marketing Automation products will not only give your sales organization the upper hand over the competition but deliver deep customer insights into trends, prospect profiles, and online behaviour. With this information, sales and marketing teams can tailor and focus their efforts on their ideal customer profile by creating laser targeted high impact marketing campaigns, content, and resources that target key customer types.

Mashup call data, CRM and marketing automation for deeper insight and customer intel.

About Dwayne Mansfield

Dwayne Mansfield is the Vice President of Sales at Versature. He is an award winning sales executive with over 16 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Dwayne is a top performing sales executive who has consistently been recognized year over year for his outstanding contribution to company growth including being named Top Sales Executive for achieving 250% of quota at Rogers Communications. With a demonstrated sales track record in commercial account management, channel management, and direct sales, Dwayne continues to make a positive impact, leading the high performing sales team at Versature. Dwayne holds a Bachelors of Business from Memorial University.