Getting You the Tech Support You Need is Our Priority!

Whether your office is out of power and you need to reroute your calls or you just want to learn about the features available on your Versature phone system, our Tech Support team is there to assist you. There are 3 main ways to contact our Support team.

Support is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. If you’re in need of immediate or urgent assistance, dial 6-1-1 from any Versature phone to be connected directly to our team in Ottawa. You can also call us toll-free at 877-498-3772 option 3 if you do not have access to your Versature phone. If the team is on the phone with other clients, another member of Team Versature will answer; we’ll never let your call go to voicemail.
  2. Another way to contact the support team live would be through chat on our website (you can find it in the top menu bar). So if you’ve got an immediate question or concern but it’s not a “no one can call into my phones because the internet is down” kind of situation, this is a good way to get an answer.
  3. The third way to contact the support team is by email to These support requests are answered by email within 24 hours. If there is an emergency, please use a live method like 6-1-1 or chat. By using the main Tech Support email address rather than one of our Tech Support team’s personal emails, we can ensure that your case is taken by the first available representative, and your problem will be resolved faster.

Help is Available When You Need It

Versature’s Tech Support is available Monday to Thursday 8AM-6PM EST, and from 8AM-5PM EST on Fridays. If your business has an emergency outside of these hours there is always knowledgeable on-call support available. (Because of course emergencies don’t care about business hours, that would be too convenient!),

Want to learn more about our Support Team? Check out our Meet the Support Team blog post here!

Versature’s knowledgeable, award-winning, and bilingual Tech Support team, based completely at our headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, is just one of the resources that makes Versature’s Business VoIP Solution amazing. Learn more about what else sets us apart by requesting a demo with one of our Product Experts!


About Andre Pelletier

Currently serving as the Technical Support Team Lead at Versature, Andre has used his skills and experience since 2010 to help solve clients' problems. An avid fitness enthusiast, Andre enjoys cycling and working out when he's not at Versature (although you can also catch him reading or playing video games, too!).