Gateway Livestock Group of Companies Stays Connected 24/7 with Versature


Gateway Livestock Group of Companies provide customers with up-to-date information in all livestock transportation industry sectors such as buying and selling feeder, livestock management, and the latest in technology to enhance operation profitability.


With its 24/7 dispatch service, Gateway Livestock needed a flexible phone solution that would enable its logistics team to communicate with clients from any location at any time and a  management platform that could be easily accessed to make any necessary changes to meet its daily needs.


As Gateway Livestock grew its operations, its call volumes sky rocketed. The run-of-the-mill phone solution it was operating with was creating a bottleneck in the call flow, making it difficult for Gateway Livestock to operate at full efficiency. With hundreds of customers relying on Gateway Livestock for information regarding livestock orders and delivery times, the company needed a reliable phone solution that could connect to multiple devices and allow for constant accessibility.


Gateway Livestock tested a variety of options before settling on a combination of features that best served its needs. The Versature team worked hand-in-hand with Gateway Livestock to set up a simultaneous ring answering rule, allowing customers to call into a single number and have the call be answered by anyone from Gateway Livestock’s carrier department. The ease of management of the online client portal has empowered Gateway Livestock to take their phone solution into their own hands and seamlessly alter the system to meet their changing needs.

The ability to speak to a live Versature Support Specialist expedited its setup process and within seconds, Gateway noticed an immediate improvement in their call quality. With the call forwarding function, Gateway Livestock’s dispatch team is able to work from any location while still providing clients with constant access to information.


Taber, Alberta



Client Base

Canadian & American Agricultural Companies

Why Versature

Ease of use, live tech support, abundance of features, seamless transition

“A traditional phone system will not always translate from Company A to Company B. With Versature’s vast array of features and integrations, we were able to customize Versature’s phone solution to fit the specific needs of our business and it works brilliantly.”

Amy Cunningham
Logistics Coordinator
Gateway Livestock


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