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Future-Proofing Your Business Communications

Everyone has “The Drawer” at home or at work. You know,that drawer, the one that houses all your old technology: old cell phone chargers that may or may not work, batteries that expired in 2009, the 1st generation iPod that has a battery life of about 20 minutes, or maybe even an old Meridian Norstar if your drawer is big enough.

Paperweights of the Past

Having the drawer isn’t that surprising considering technology is becoming obsolete at an ever-increasing rate. Cell phones with groundbreaking new features are being introduced into the market every couple of months, and advances in cloud software are rendering physical tech to no more than just giant paperweights collecting dust on everyone’s desks (when’s the last time you used a phone book, for example?). Your office’s phone system is probably like this, too.

Years ago, phone companies would charge businesses “per-line”, or for how many phones the business would need running at a time. Now this was very difficult to predict, so most companies would either over or underestimate the number of phone lines they needed, leading to either overpaying for phone service they weren’t using or losing customers to a busy signal because all of the lines were full.

Then came the days of installing your own Voice-over-IP system on-site, but this had its own challenges as well. First, companies would have to pay for both the phone equipment and a monthly fee to their service provider. These systems were costly to maintain and required technical expertise above that of the average office worker. Especially for small businesses, this was a major expense for a seldom-optimized system. The hardware took up a lot of room and the phones needed to be upgraded to access new features every couple of years, leaving old phones to collect dust in a box

Business Communications of the Future

With such high download and upload speeds available from practically every internet provider, there’s no reason for business phone solutions not to be hosted in the cloud through a Voice-over-IP or VoIP system. These new systems are not only cost-saving but require very little technical know-how due to their plug-and-play functionality. Unlike older systems which require businesses to purchase brand new phone hardware to have access to new features, Versature phones are automatically updated via their internet connection, allowing for access to new technologies as they become available. New business phone systems also have technology-rich features including voicemail-to-email transcription, simultaneous ring across multiple devices (including your computer and smartphone), and softphones, which allows a user to access their business extension through their Mac or PC.

Businesses now no longer need to purchase their own hardware outright, either. Versature plans can include complimentary phone rentals, with hardware upgrades available for more advanced needs.

Questions To Think About

In business, the future is often uncertain, especially with the increased likelihood of overnight success that comes from a single viral video or stellar review in a blog. With this in mind, it can be difficult deciding which technologies to implement and when. In order to be ready for the future, it’s important to choose technologies that can adapt and change to your business needs, can scale to grow alongside your business, and can prevent against early obsolescence when new technological advancements come along. For most Canadian businesses, VoIP phone solutions are the answer. Take the following quiz to see if a VoIP business phone solution would be a good fit for your business:

[ ] Is my phone system out of date, cumbersome to work with, or generally unintuitive?

[ ] Is my company going to grow its workforce within the next year?

[ ] Will my office be moving to or adding a new location within the next year?

[ ] Do my employees need access to their phone when not at their desk?

[ ] Would my company benefit from call recording?

[ ] Would my company benefit from detailed and real-time analytics?

[ ] Do I need a customizable solution for directing callers to the relevant department? (ie. an Auto Attendant)?

[ ] Would it be beneficial to be able to call from my smartphone or computer with my corporate Caller ID information, as if I were at my desk?

[ ] Would I benefit from receiving my voicemail in my email inbox while on the go?

[ ] Could I use custom messaging when customers are on hold to promote my products or services?

[ ] Do I need a phone system that integrates with Salesforce?

[ ] Do I want to be able to edit my Out of Office or scheduled messaging by myself?

[ ] Do I need a portable phone solution?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, a Versature phone system may be right for you. To get started and learn more about the benefits of a Versature phone system, request a demo.

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