EyeCarePro Offers Reliable Support with Versature’s Phone Solution for Over a Decade

Client Case Study: EyeCarePro


EyeCarePro is a leader in patient acquisition strategies for eye care and optometry professionals. The global team is made up of web development, sales, marketing, SEO, and customer support experts.


To implement a phone system that could grow with the business and allow employees be free from a single physical location.


In 2005, EyeCarePro was a newcomer to the optometry patient acquisition space. The eyecare industry proved to be a great opportunity and the company began growing quickly. As they grew, one of the challenges for EyeCarePro was that their employees were distributed nationally and internationally. Traditional phone systems meant that employees were tied to physical phone lines and had little flexibility. Adding lines, moving, and general phone system management was a cumbersome and potential roadblock for a business like EyeCarePro that needs to be agile


EyeCarePro began exploring ways to get away from traditional phone systems and find something that better fit their needs. An IT consultant recommended using VoIP technology and Versature in particular. Since VoIP was an emerging technology, Versature worked closely with EyeCarePro to assist in building their business in a way that allowed maximum flexibility for their distributed team. Excited by the new system, EyeCarePro rolled out Versature phones to their employees worldwide. Versature gave employees the freedom of working from any location with an internet connection. Ever since the initial rollout, Versature’s phone service has been flexible enough to grow as quickly as EyeCarePro does. Due to the nature of Versature’s cloud-based SaaS approach, new features mean that the phone solution is never outdated – it always feels new and is up to date with the latest technology. Over a decade later, EyeCarePro continues to work without a central office thanks to Versature’s VoIP phone solution.

“In the 10 years I have been using Versature, it has been virtually 100% up-time. Any questions or inquiries are met with speedy and professional assistance.” – Sue Quinn, Support Manager for EyeCarePro

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