Versature Solution Prepares eQube Technology & Software for Further International Expansion


eQube is a software and technology company from Edmonton that specializes in electronic bingo. Their product is Installed in charitable, tribal and commercial bingo clubs across North America and Europe.


Having locations and clients in multiple countries, eQube needed a solution that could offer direct lines across locations with an intuitive way to configure settings and make seamless call transfers for providing the highest quality customer experience possible.


High-cost, a poor customer support experience, and no easy way to make changes on the fly, eQube began to realize their on-premise analog system wasn’t as agile as they needed it to be. If the company was going to continue expanding globally they would need a system that could remain cost-effective for all three locations, and provide customers with direct access to their necessary contact.


eQube selected a Versature Solution after learning that they would be able to service all of their offices with direct lines and also have access to higher-end features like auto-attendants, and user directories through inclusive pricing. The walkthrough of the SONAR portal showed them how intuitive it is to make any changes to their phone system, like adding or changing users, or modifying call rules to adhere to seasonal demands.

The ability to easily transfer callers to individuals in their directory rather than having a customer hang-up and dial another number has helped improve eQube’s customer calling experience. Versature’s conference pod enables employees to easily host meetings and connect employees from all three geographic locations through one device. eQube’s auto-attendant, which enables callers to sift through a company directory to find a desired contact, allows their administrators to prioritize higher-level tasks. Feature updates that require assistance from the Versature team are responded to quickly and effectively. Since switching to Versature, eQube’s team has had more time to focus on growing their business and fostering client relationships.


Edmonton, Las Vegas, Cork (Ireland)


Software and Technology

Client Base

International (North America, and Europe)

Why Versature

SONAR client portal, auto-attendant, multi-location

“Having callers routed through our auto-attendant and corporate directory has saved me a lot of time in the long run, and has allowed me to focus on bigger tasks at hand.”

Jennifer Colgan
Administrative Assistant
eQube Technology and Software


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