Putting Together the Perfect Employee Welcome Pack

New employees are full of potential, come with great ideas, and are eager to get the ball rolling, but without a successful onboarding process, it will take significantly more time for your new team member to get settled in. Truly welcoming a new staff member to your business requires far more than a dull handbook and brief orientation. Within the first few days, you should be able to provide clear expectations surrounding your business’ operations and the new hire’s role while simultaneously sharing what your culture and people are all about. Their first day is important and you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a great one with these tips on creating the perfect employee welcome pack.

Set up their communications

With all of their communications tools already in place, your new employee will be ready to hit the ground running. Make sure to complete these four steps before they get started.

Order an extra phone: Placing an order for a new business phone couldn’t be any easier! Simply dial 611 off any Versature device to connect with a member of our Support team and provide them with the name of your new employee, the shipping address, and their new extension number. The Versature team will configure your phone for you, provide instructions for your new employee on how to set up their phone, deliver the phone right to your desk and once received you simply just plug it in. It takes about 60 seconds to get it up and running!

Introduce them to SONAR: The Versature SONAR client portal allows each employee to create their unique greetings, sift through voicemail messages, set up their answering rules, and view their call history. The portal is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, just quickly show them the ropes, and let your new team member have fun customizing their own phone solution.

Create a new email: email is the most commonly used tool for internal communication. When creating their email, make sure to include a company-branded signature, their name, position title, phone number, and maybe even some important company information that you want to be relayed to clients. As your new team members’ first week is likely jam-packed with meetings, training seminars, and job shadowing, providing their email and schedule will help them keep track of important events.

Send over the Versature Academy links: Versature Academy has all of the information you need to know about your SONAR portal, desk phones, integrations, and insights. To ensure your new employee gets the most value out of their phone system, send them the Versature Academy links and have them explore Versature’s entire suite of solutions.

Prepare Your Team

Involving your team in the onboarding process is a great idea since they’ll be working closely with one another. Schedule a kick-off meeting for your employee’s first day to introduce your team and share some of the exciting projects you have coming up. Additionally, you can set up a job shadowing process for your new team member to get well acquainted with the tasks of your group and to learn about their new responsibilities.

Provide some whitepapers

Having some tangible materials on hand that describes fundamental information about your company’s products and services to quickly reference is a simple way to help your new member learn the basics. Be careful not to drown them in information to avoid overwhelming them.

Share some swag

Decorate your new employee’s workspace with some company swag! Providing a branded, t-shirt, water bottle, or phone accessory is a great way to showcase your company’s personality and will immediately make them feel like a member of the team.

With Versature, your phone solution can scale as fast as you can. New phones arrive to your desk within a couple days, so your new employees can hit the ground running. See our whole easy-to-manage solution in a personalized product tour!


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