Egor Sets Up His Phone on His 1st Day at Versature

What better way to prove just how easy our phones are to set up than to have our newest Team Versature recruit, Marketing Specialist Egor Evseev set up his phone within his first hour of working at Versature?

Totally unscripted, real-time, and absolutely no help given from behind the camera, can Egor put his phone together while under the pressure of the camera and make his first call?

Note: This video is completely unscripted, and Egor was not primed on our Polycom phones and their setup before filming. As such, it is understandable that his phone was not set up perfectly in the first try.

– – –

Just like he says at the end of the video, “that was easy!” Versature phones come to your office in a plug and play-ready state, practically no set up required!

Sound like your kind of phone solution? Get in touch with one of our Product Experts today to get a live demo of our SONAR client portal and see how easy it is to manage the backend of your phone solution, too!


About Hannah Warren

Hannah is Versature's Creative & Brand Owner, responsible for maintaining Versature's brand and creating everything design-related for the Marketing team. When she's not attached to her Starbucks cup and her Wacom tablet, she can be found in the dance studio practicing her pirouettes or snuggling up with her chihuahua, Stella.