Dunk & Associates Empowers Remote Workforce with Versature


Dunk & Associates provides health and safety services to over 3600 Canadian employers through Systems 24-7, a technology-based platform that offers tools and assistance in health and safety, human resource, and wellness.


With one main office and multiple virtual workers, Dunk & Associates needed a VoIP solution that could operate well in their infrastructure, could deliver high quality conferencing, and an easy to use management platform that could enable administrators to view the system analytics and usage statistics.


Dunk & Associates was experiencing a growing number of frustrations with their VoIP provider who sold them on reliable quality, conferencing features, and fail-safe routing plans. Soon after implementation, Dunk & Associates began experiencing dropped calls, service disruptions, and poor call quality among a long list of other challenges. After 2 months of paying top dollar for faulty service and trying to connect to an unreachable tech support team, Dunk & Associates decided it was time to search for a new VoIP provider.


Following a seamless onboarding process and receiving their state of the art Polycom phones in record time from Versature, the Dunk & Associates team was ready to go live. The plug and play functionality of the hardware coupled with the ease of use of the SONAR administration platform enabled Dunk & Associates to stay connected to their clients without experiencing any downtime during the transition to Versature.

With a Versature VoIP solution, Dunk & Associates has enjoyed quick responsiveness, all-inclusive features, and higher functionality at a lower cost than what their former provider had offered. The Versature Conference Pod enables the Dunk & Associates remote team to collaborate and connect with ease and hold virtual meetings, while the SONAR administrative platform provides management with valuable call data and insight into team performance. Dunk & Associates no longer experiences the headache of inconsistent quality and when they do have a question, Versature’s dedicated Tech Support is just a 3-digit dial away.


Bobcaygeon, ON


Occupational Health & Safety

Client Base

Canadian Employers

Why Versature

Call quality, cost, plug & play phones, flexibility

“When searching for a new VoIP system, it seemed as though every provider was giving the same pitch. Versature was the first to actually show us the value of its service and work with us to create a unique solution that would best fit the needs of our business.”

Brian Dunk
Director of Technology
Dunk & Associates


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