Do I Need to Hire a Data Analyst to Leverage Call Data


All modern, rapid-growth companies that have successfully dominated their market all have one thing in common: the ability to harness data. While these business owners may attribute their success to a common business cliche like building a devoted team, “hustling”, or taking risks, it’s been shown time and time again that the real key to maintaining a competitive advantage is the ability to leverage data and apply the findings to improve processes. New SaaS models and technologies whose sole purpose focuses on data collection are being invented every day and revolutionising the nature of business growth. As data continues to become a key asset, every business, whether it’s a small startup or corporate conglomerate, will need to incorporate data into every aspect of their business strategy in order to grow.

While this may seem like an infeasible feat to some, even single-person businesses can benefit from data. Any business with a social media presence, website, or phone will generate valuable data about the customer base or business efficiencies simply through the use of these devices. Just think about the potential!

The real challenge lies in whittling the data down to what is most useful. As a medium sized business, we understand the desire to want to use every SaaS tool, and analyze every piece of data that we accumulate. The reality is that most small to medium sized businesses simply don’t have the resources, whether that be money, time, or human capital. Luckily, you don’t have to hire a data analyst to leverage call data. With Versature’s Insights, we do all of the hard work for you, and you can just use the accumulated data to informatively decipher what your next steps will be.


Insights is a business tool that organizes complex data and metrics. Whenever you interact with a client, partner, or colleague on the phone, Versature stores records of conversations and pairs that data with tools for you to filter and analyze to gain deeper organizational insights. Whether you want to listen back on call recordings, see how many calls your sales team has pumped out per day, or view the impact of your marketing campaign by measuring vanity number metrics, our tools provide unique and actionable insights into your operations. The best part? The platform is super easy to use (and included in all Versature packages)! No need to hire a data analyst to sift through thousands of meaningless numbers, Versature Insights transforms call data from 1s and 0s into beneficial information your business can actually use.

Get in touch with one of our Product Experts to take a tour of Insights and learn more about how these powerful call data tools can benefit your business.


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