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Digital Signatures as a Closing Tool

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Digital Signatures as a Closing Tool

Cloud-based Digital Signatures are the future.

Cloud-based Digital Signatures are the future.

Our sales process is not unique. We provide a quote to our potential customer, they review it and make a “go/no go” decision, and then get the paperwork back to us so that we can begin our work. There are many industries that work this way.

Up until recently, we would generate PDF quotes and send them out for signature, asking that the potential customer print them out, sign them, and return them by fax or scan and email them. We identified this as a bottleneck, as it was often taking days and weeks from the time that we sent the final quote to when we got the signed quote back, with no visibility for us to know what was happening during that time. Were they having second thoughts? Was it difficult to get the right signature? Was it a pain to print, sign and scan and it was just being put off? In a large number of cases, it seems it was the latter as moving to a digital signature process has drastically improved our quote return times. We have gone from a median of 3 days return time to :

  • 25% of quotes signed in less than 1 hour
  • Average length of time to sign : 3 hours

It’s a small sample size, since we’ve only been using digital signatures for a couple of months, but wow! Going from days to hours, with full visibility as to when the prospect opened the document, who it’s been forwarded to, and when it has been signed is amazing. The fact that it’s integrated with Salesforce and automatically populates the opportunity with the signed contract is a great time saver and eliminates human error.

We went with DocuSign but there are a number of competing products on the market including EchoSign (recently purchased by Adobe) and HelloSign.

It’s takes some integration work to get these products incorporated into your workflow, but we have found it to be an outstanding improvement to our sales process. Yay Cloud!

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