Get Coding with the Versature Developer Portal

What if you could leverage call data for your organization, departments and call centres to integrate with operational systems? Have you ever explored the power of mashing up insights from call data records with systems like CRMs, applicant tracking systems, help desk ticketing systems or even dashboard tools?

I had the opportunity to interview our lead developer, David Ward to talk about the art of the possible when it comes to combining the value of off the shelf or custom products with Versature call data.

Companies use Versature call data for a variety of applications including:

  • Workforce planning
  • Calculating marketing ROI
  • Monitoring call centre performance
  • Tracking call communications
  • Analyzing sentiment
  • Voice-based contract signature
    And more.

With all of these capabilities in mind, we are happy to announce the availability of the Versature Developers Portal to assist our customers and partners with custom integrations using our open API.

Using the Versature Developer Portal our dev community get access to:

  • Easy to use code snippets
  • Best practices
  • API calls
  • Authentication methods
  • Credential management
  • Changelogs

Visit the Versature Developer Portal to get started.

Happy Coding!

About Anastasia Valentine

Anastasia Valentine is the Chief Marketing Officer at Versature leading the marketing and sales organizations. She is an award-winning product strategist and brings a wealth of experience to the Versature team. Anastasia has a solid track record of over 20 years of experience bringing products to market from idea through to commercialization globally. Anastasia has held leadership, technical and marketing roles organizations such as Sandbox, Cognos, IBM, Jetform/Adobe and with technology startup companies. She leads the multi-disciplined marketing and sales development teams at Versature using a customer-centric and data-driven approach to provide long-term strategic vision and day to day tactical direction. Anastasia is a strong advocate for women in STEM and regular keynote speaker at industry conferences.