A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Manager



Hi, I’m Natasja. I’m a Customer Success Manager here at Versature. A typical day for me usually begins with me rolling into the office with my dog and making myself a hot cup of coffee. And that’s when the magic begins.

I usually start by opening up my email and checking to see what I need to prioritize first. So that can be anything from a client that needs to add a new user to their account, or answering any questions one of our clients might have about their call flow or their system in general. I also do most of Versature’s contract renewals, so I’ll reach out to our clients to discuss their account and whether or not they foresee any changes to their account, which might indicate whether or not we should be looking at other plans for them to renew on.

I also like to show our new clients some extra love just to make sure that they’re utilizing the system well and to see if they have any questions about what’s at their disposal. I might also proactively reach out to clients who I think might benefit from switching plans just to make sure they’re on the most economical plan for their needs.

Throughout everything I do, I strive not only to act as an advocate and trusted advisor for our clients, but it’s also important to me that they feel happy and confident with their choice of using Versature for their business communications, and in turn, that makes me happy.

About Hannah Warren

Hannah is Versature's Creative & Brand Owner, responsible for maintaining Versature's brand and creating everything design-related for the Marketing team. When she's not attached to her Starbucks cup and her Wacom tablet, she can be found in the dance studio practicing her pirouettes or snuggling up with her chihuahua, Stella.