The Dangers of “Just in Time” Tech Investments to Get By

When businesses start looking at purchasing technology to support their growing demands, their mindset is often to get the most bang for their buck. They look with a strictly “dollars and cents” mentality, and their search is in all the wrong places. This leads them to choose a cheap system “just to get by”. At Versature, we know that every size of business should have the opportunity to align with a solution that offers all of the features and functionality they need, while allowing for ease of use and scalability!


Picture yourself at an up-and-coming company that’s expecting rapid growth in the near future, but right now you only need 6-10 phones. Your boss, who wears multiple hats, has delegated the task of finding new phones to you! They ask you to collect quotes from different vendors and bring them back to present them. The company doesn’t have an in-house IT person, and the IT company you hired charges crazy hourly rates for simple consulting, so you are forced to answer tech questions from vendors that are way over your head. Your search brings you on-premise, hybrid on-premise, and fully hosted options. You don’t really understand the difference between any of them, let alone which is best for your business!

You sit through demos of multiple solutions and answer calls from salespeople trying to get your attention. Then you have to organize all of the data you’ve collected into something coherent your boss will understand so that they can make the decision on which solution to choose, even though they have not seen any of the demos themselves nor have they had the chance to ask any of the vendors questions. Remember the broken telephone game in school? This search process is what they were talking about – what seems like a clear message at the beginning gets scrambled throughout the process, leaving the last person confused at what was said initially.


Now picture yourself three years after your initial search. In that time, your business has already added 10 more users to the system. All of the sudden, the cheap system you chose no longer supports the needs of your business as it lacks features beyond a simple dial tone. Sounds like it’s time to look into a new provider because you have outgrown your current system, right? It’s unfortunately not that easy. The phones you bought as your business grew are on staggered contracts that end years apart.

Not only that, but you purchased your phones outright as part of an on-premise system provided to you by the same Jack-of-all-trades company that powers your fax, internet, cell phone, and other tech services. You have to keep paying the monthly fees to justify a return on initial investment, or to avoid paying fees that come with breaking your contract. Would you buy a cell phone today knowing you would have to use that same model for the next 10 or 15 years just because it was a bit cheaper?


Versature does things differently to ensure your business can scale easily and remain up to date with the most current cloud-based telephone technology. There is no need to worry about upgrading your system periodically, as we push all system updates out to you automatically and ensure you have access to the most current phone offerings! Adding new phones is as easy as dialing 6-1-1 from any Versature phone, which connects you with our fully bilingual support team in Ottawa, who will turn your request around in as little as 48 hours. We offer our phones free on 3 or 5 year terms and maintain them at no additional cost for the duration of your commitment. This combination of free phones and Canadian-based support eliminates the need for in-house or outsourced IT teams to manage your phones!

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About Tobin Bridson

Tobin Bridson is an Account Executive with the Versature Sales Team. Tobin has a diverse professional history which has equipped him with the ability to understand and relate to a number of Canadian industries and understand customer needs on a personal level. You can catch Tobin out fishing the Big Rideau in his downtime.