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Versature and the Customer Success Philosophy – Getting it Right, From the Start

There’s been a huge shift in recent years behind the notion of “customer success”. Customer success is the idea of extending the relationship with customers beyond the initial sale and providing additional value, hopefully, in return for additional value from them in the form of product or service advocates, referrals, and repeat customers or renewals. In the world of SaaS, renewals are everything and businesses are starting to nurture existing subscribers by driving value-based content further down the funnel to their existing clients. Customer success aims to increase total lifetime value (LTV) and decrease customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Customer acquisition is only the very first step in what must be a long-term, scientifically engineered, and professionally directed strategy.” – Customer Success Association

What does customer success mean to Versature? How are our customers impacted by our customer success initiatives? Behind the scenes, there’s a lot going on. We try to ingrain customer success in all of our business processes to ensure long, prosperous, and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients.

Customer Success in the Marketing and Sales Processes

Customer Success starts early in the funnel, with marketing and sales teams working together to ensure we attract and sign our “perfect fit” customers. Perfect fit customers are the right shape and size for our services and make the relationship between us and them more destined for success. For many companies, understanding who their perfect fit customers are takes time. Since Versature has been in business for over 13 years, we have had the opportunity to not only evolve our technology and processes but to get closer with our customers to understand their requirements and how to best serve them. All of our marketing materials, messaging, and communications are 100% focused on our ideal customer persona to ensure we attract the right business clients. This results in great relationships with great customers for the long term.

Customer Success in the Onboarding Process

Similar to marketing and sales team efforts, the Versature onboarding process is designed to ensure customer success for new clients. Versature takes a white-glove approach to the process, making it as easy and seamless for new customers to get up and running on our cloud-hosted VoIP system as possible. A dedicated agent takes care of each new account and serves as their advocate internally as well as with any third party vendors such as ISPs or MSPs. It is in this stage of the customer life cycle that customer success starts to play a more prominent role as the clients start receiving their hardware and using our products and services. Solution walkthroughs, demonstrations of customer portals and back-end management, and more occur during the provisioning process to ensure the client is able to hit the ground with their shiny new VoIP solution. This is often the first time when we hear back from clients with positive experiences in dealing with our team and are able to identify potential advocates for down the road.

Continuing Customer Success throughout the After-Sales Support

Here, we continue to nurture our client base and provide the best possible support to ensure customers are receiving the most value from their telecommunications solution. Many companies make the mistake of stopping communications once the deal is done, but we don’t take that approach at all. In fact, we bring our customers closer and into the fold by making sure they are the first to hear about any company news or innovations. New feature announcements, video tutorials, newsletters, event invitations, and more help keep our customers engaged and provide ongoing touch points throughout the duration of their term with us. This is also our opportunity to engage with clients as potential advocates of our business, whether this be in the form of a case study, testimonial, reference, or something more.

Your customers evolve over time, and we also want to retain them for a long time. If we don’t recognize that the customer’s desired outcome is both important and changes over time, that’s going to be a problem. They will take their business elsewhere.” Lincoln Murphy,  SaaS expert and Gainsight Customer Success Evangelist via Forbes

Case studies and testimonials are hugely important to our marketing and sales processes. Many client showcases can be found across our site and we have an even larger inventory offline. These real-world examples help us connect organizations in similar geographical areas, industries and verticals, or those wishing to fulfill a specific business use case with their telecoms system to one another and see how the Versature solution played out. Often times, customers have been so happy/we have helped them out of dire straits/improved their operations so much to the point that they approach us about participating in the program. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, one where we strive to provide value well beyond the scope of the client’s original needs and in turn are able to keep the ball rolling by means of advocacy and referrals.


Have questions or feedback on our customer success mechanisms? Looking for client stories on Versature VoIP implementation for organizations similar to your own? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you.


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