Conference Call Faux Pas

Earlier this year we launched the Versature conference pod, and while our customers love the easy-to-use features, we’ve also heard some pretty hilarious stories of conference calls gone wrong. To avoid any mishaps for the next conference call you schedule, check out these conference call faux pas!

Calling In Late

We get it. Meetings run over time, the conference call slipped your mind, or you’re rushing to meet a last-minute deadline, it’s understandable that some people come in late to the call. When you do call in, listen in and get caught up before speaking up or introducing yourself. Even the slightest of interruptions can end up derailing the entire conversation.

Not Pressing Mute

When it comes to conference calling, the mute button is your best friend. The hustle and bustle of one office, let alone multiple, is enough background noise to be a major distraction. Dogs barking, children crying, cars honking, music blasting, even fans cheering from a sports bar, are only some of the bizarre noises we’ve heard during our own conference calls. Mute yourself to avoid having your background be heard! If you’re hosting the conference call, make sure to mention to those calling in that they should take advantage of their mute button.

Eating, Slurping, or Chewing Gum

You may think this is an obvious no-no, but from the horror stories we’ve heard from our users, we think it’s best to outline this one clearly. In addition to being distracting, the sound of Bob from accounting inhaling his lunchtime tuna sandwich can be unsettling, to say the least. If you’re not actively speaking and need to indulge in a quick snack or drink, go for it, but please for all of our sakes, mute yourself!

Forgetting the Mute Button

Don’t forget to turn off the mute button when you’re speaking. Few things are more embarrassing during a conference call than when you’re several sentences deep into a conversation before someone chimes in to ask “I can’t hear, are you still on mute?”

Not Paying Attention to the Call

Not every conference call is going to be a mind-blowing experience, and some hosts tend to drone on and on until it seems like a millennium has passed during the duration of the call. I think all of us can admit that at one point or another, we’ve been guilty of dialing in on a call, switching to mute, and half-listening to the meeting while you clear your inbox or catch up on other projects. However, it’s important that you pay attention to the conversation so that the host doesn’t have to repeat themselves answering questions that they have already covered.

Heavy breathing

It seems like every low-budget horror movie has a scene where the protagonist picks up the phone to hear nothing but thirty seconds of heavy breathing. Your conference call is not a horror movie, and unless you just returned from running a marathon, there is no justification for this!

Rambling On

Short and to the point is a conference call recipe for success! Keep in mind that people are busy so avoid sharing lengthy stories, making unnecessary segways, and running over schedule. A good way to avoid rambling on is to have a list of topics to cover in front of you and leave room for a question period at the end of the phone call.

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