Conference Call Bingo

If you were to survey the modern workplace, most people will agree that the conference call can serve as more of a dreaded nightmare than a seamless way of sharing information to a number of recipients. However, the conference call isn’t going anywhere! While informal methods of communication like slack and email are gaining traction in popularity, the messaging can often get convoluted. In-person meeting, on the other hand, can be either a logistical nightmare or simply not possible if you’re connecting across multiple geographies. Luckily, innovations like Versature’s Conference Pod takes some of the major pain points away with an easy-to-use web interface, entry & exit notifications, conference room management, call recordings and more!

Unfortunately, there are some conference call struggles we simply can’t fix. You know those instances – the awkward silences when someone forgets to press un-mute, or the derailing of the entire conversation when someone chimes in halfway through the call. The Versature team came up with a list of the most typical phrases or moments that transpire throughout a conference call and made a bingo card! Rather than mindlessly staring at the wall, or fidgeting with your office supplies during your next conference call, download and print this bingo card to see just how many conference call stereotypes occur!


Snap a photo and tag us @versature_hpbx for us to see your results!

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