Celebrating 2 years of net2phone’s acquisition of Versature: Where are they now?

Two years have flown by since we first announced that Versature had been acquired by net2phone, a global provider of unified communications services. As we approach the second anniversary of the acquisition, we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on how Versature has grown, adapted, and innovated under net2phone’s umbrella.

A Year We Won’t Forget

2020 is undoubtedly a year that people will remember. We never would have imagined that 3 months into the calendar year we would transition into a completely remote team, and pivot our services to help thousands of businesses across Canada do the same. While our team remains external, we continue to get together virtually every day at 11:52 pm for our ‘team huddle’ and enjoy a cold brew during Friday’s beer O’clock. Productivity has remained high across all departments, and we’ve managed to come together to collaborate and work with one another to continue delivering the best quality of service to our clients.

Innovation At The Forefront

Since our inception, our core value has been our commitment to customer success. Every team meeting, product launch, and client phone call is centered around this mentality. This value has never wavered, and with the resource backing of net2phone, we’ve been able to create and launch features that are engineered to improve our client’s workday at a faster rate than ever before. This year has been a particularly significant year for Versature’s product development, having launched integrations with some of the world’s biggest CRM and collaboration tools including Zoho and Microsoft Teams. We’ve also produced a myriad of SONAR features that have augmented one of the hottest trends of the 2020 year – remote working. From browser-based calling and video conferencing to SMS messaging, and our expanded list of countries for unlimited international calling, Versature users have gained more functionality to stay connected from afar.

A Growing Team

It was another year of exponential growth for both the Versature and Fursature teams. We recruited exceptional talent and officially surpassed the 80 employee mark. Formerly, we would welcome new employees to the team to a desk decorated with Versature swag, introductory meetings with team leads, and a game or 2 of initiation foosball. Along with the virtual world, we’ve evolved our onboarding strategy and rely heavily on our new video conferencing solution to replicate our in-person interactions. We’re proud to have grown and continued our upward trajectory amid these unprecedented times.

Working Together As One

net2phone is a global organization and continues to accelerate its international expansion through the investment in high-performing cloud-based business phone service providers. 2020 marked another major milestone for net2phone with the acquisition of Spain-based Ringsouth. This acquisition officially propelled net2phone into the European market, adding another continent to their list of international subsidiaries. Working with a global team has enabled us to gain the backing of the best functional expertise from around the world. Our weekly global meetings bring together people from many cultures with varied work experiences and different perspectives on both strategic and organizational goals and challenges. In August, the entire net2phone team participated in our first-ever global fiscal year kickoff to celebrate another successful fiscal year, learn from one another, play games, and unite as a single team from across the globe. We even had David Hasselhoff join our kickoff as a surprise guest to double down on a longstanding net2phone inside joke!

Still Fiercely Canadian

Although we’re a subsidiary of a multinational organization, we still maintain our Canadian roots. We’re proud to be a 100% Canadian-based company, headquartered in the country’s capital with our service hosted in multiple Canadian data centres. This is one of the major differentiators between Versature and the big telcos. We understand the needs, challenges, and opportunities that fellow Canadian businesses are facing, and are honoured to have served Canada since 2003.

A Message From net2phone’s President

“Many times acquisitions are made because of revenue recognition or size,” says net2phone President, Jonah Fink. “I am pleased to report that Net2Phone’s purpose of acquisition has stayed true since day one of our partnership up north. Personnel, synergy, talent, and best practices are the key ingredients that are driving both Versature’s impressive growth rate in Canada while strengthening our corporate partnership from a go-forward perspective. Versature has been instrumental in our overall learning of our business by driving efficiency and better customer experience in our worldwide markets.”

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About Jonathon Moody

Jonathon Moody is the Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Versature. With over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, Jonathon has become a champion of customer success and creating a superior customer-centric user experience. He coaches businesses on how to improve their productivity, efficiency and decrease costs with cloud technologies. Jonathon is a key contributor to Versature's success and growth from zero to over 7000 subscribers and MSP partners from coast to coast. Recently, he spearheaded the Salesforce certified, Versature 1-1-1 corporate philanthropy initiative whereby the company donates 1% of equity, 1% of time, and 1% of services to charitable endeavors. Jonathon is a sought-after public speaker and regularly delivers talks at industry events on the topics of customer success, customer-centric user experiences and cloud technologies throughout North America.