TECHSAT helps local non-profit achieve cost savings with a Versature VoIP solution


South Peace Community Resources Society (SPCRS) has been proudly serving residents of the Peace Liard Region for over 45 years. Since its inception in 1974, SPCRS has grown to operate 27 programs for families, at-risk children and youth, adults with developmental disabilities, and victims of crime.


As a non-profit organization relying on government funding, SPCRS needed a reliable phone solution that would be both maintenance-free and cost-effective so that they could invest more resources into serving their community.


Phone-based communication is a critical component of the counselling and emergency services that SPCRS offers. Not only did they need a quality phone solution that clients could depend on, but they also needed a specific feature that would occasionally mask their phone number so that the SPCRS could not be identified when managing sensitive matters. SPCRS enlisted the help of TECHSAT, a managed service provider whose expertise lies in supporting small businesses through innovative technology. With guidance from TECHSAT, SPCRS found Versature’s 1-1-1 non-profit program, which provides non-profit organizations and charities with enterprise-grade voice communications and Polycom devices at a significantly discounted rate.


In managing SPCRS’ network infrastructure, TECHSAT understood the challenges that SPCRS had with their former phone service provider. Regular service disruptions, uncontactable customer support, and poor call quality were among the many frustrations. TECHSAT worked with Versature and SPCRS to identify a set of custom features and develop a strategic implementation process to ensure SPCRS experienced minimal downtime in the upgrade. Once the devices were configured and delivered by Versature’s Onboarding department, TECHSAT set up the required hardware on-site to prepare for the go-live date.

Low upfront costs, included Polycom hardware, and a personalized onboarding process made switching to Versature a seamless experience. The SPCRS team received comprehensive training on how to access their individual portals, optimize features and provide clients with a professional and secure calling experience. The intuitive client portal enables the administrative team at SPCRS to easily modify their phone system while TECHSAT continues to manage the technical infrastructure and serve as an ongoing resource in supporting their phone solution.

Dawson Creek, British Columbia


Client Base
Dawson Creek residents

Why Versature
Non-profit discounted pricing, seamless onboarding process, custom features

“When setting up the phone system with our former provider we received little direction. The process felt very disjointed. With Versature, it was great to be designated to one contact who was already familiar with our organization and could help us from beginning to end.”

Allyson Hayes
Executive Assistant
South Peace Community Resources Society


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