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Why SaaS Needs Call Analytics

Since the birth of the cloud, SaaS companies have been disrupting once-saturated markets with new delivery models focused on providing value through analytics. While SaaS has become the modern way of doing business, these companies aren’t invincible, either. The success of a SaaS company lies far beyond simply moving software to the cloud. To be successful, these businesses must make thoughtful, data-driven decisions in order to continually improve operations.

From the initial interaction between prospect and SDR (Sales Development Representative, also called a BDR) to the deployment of the SaaS tool, consumers go through several touch points. With most, if not all, of these interactions occurring over the phone, these calls harness valuable information about a business’ user experience and how prospects perceive the offering.

Anybody who walks the halls of the Versature office can attest to how often the phones are ringing. Whether it be clients calling into our tech support team to change their password or our sales team informing prospects on our exciting new promotions, our phones are constantly in use. As a phone solutions provider, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality hardware, service and analytics tools to help companies leverage the data they generate from every phone call. We’re confident that our analytics functionality can help businesses improve operations because we use it ourselves every day. Collecting, storing and analyzing call data is easier than ever thanks to Insights, and it has lead to our productivity skyrocketing.

Here are just some of the many reasons why SaaS needs call analytics.

Make Informed Decisions

Growing your business without tracking performance is like driving down the freeway with a blindfold over your eyes. Analyzing your call data is necessary to maintain growth and will identify unoptimized opportunities that can be paramount to maintaining your competitive advantage. Information about your call flows, call volume, and agent performance are important metrics to track and can serve as leading indicators so you can make informed decisions.

Motivate your Sales Team

Whether you’re a small startup or an industry giant, having a high-performance SDR and sales team is integral to successfully penetrating and conquering your B2B market. Create a fun and competitive environment by incorporating data into leaderboards that showcase the number of calls made, number of demos booked, length of call time, and any other data that you think is imperative. This increases transparency between the team and will act as a means of motivating underperformers.

Understand your clients

Your sales are going to suffer if hundreds of competitors are offering near-identical services. You won’t be able to persuade a business to buy your software or be able to innovate exciting additions unless you clearly understand what it is your customers want. You don’t need to spend days calling every client to ask how you can better meet their needs, all of this information is already stored in your call recordings! Listen to a random sample of recordings from your tech support or customer service teams to decipher your clients’ biggest pain points with your service or listen to your sales calls to see what prospects are really looking for out of your software. Understanding these needs will enable you to be the first to innovate and position your business as an industry leader.

Achieve Negative Churn

Compared to the enterprise software firms of the past who rely on significant upfront fees, SaaS business models rely on small increments of recurring revenues. Therefore, in order to continue increasing revenues, you need to keep your customers happy so they don’t find a reason to churn. While the quality of your service is what really matters, there are a few ways that call data can help improve relationships with customers. One of the reasons that Versature clients love our service is how easy it is to contact support. Nobody likes spending hours on hold to fix a seemingly simple problem. With call data, you can be transparent about wait times and call volume and empower callers to choose the best time to reach a live agent.

Get in touch with one of our Product Experts to take a tour of Insights and learn more about how these powerful call data tools can benefit your business.


Gateway Livestock Group of Companies Stays Connected 24/7 with Versature


Gateway Livestock Group of Companies provide customers with up-to-date information in all livestock transportation industry sectors such as buying and selling feeder, livestock management, and the latest in technology to enhance operation profitability.


With its 24/7 dispatch service, Gateway Livestock needed a flexible phone solution that would enable its logistics team to communicate with clients from any location at any time and a  management platform that could be easily accessed to make any necessary changes to meet its daily needs.


As Gateway Livestock grew its operations, its call volumes sky rocketed. The run-of-the-mill phone solution it was operating with was creating a bottleneck in the call flow, making it difficult for Gateway Livestock to operate at full efficiency. With hundreds of customers relying on Gateway Livestock for information regarding livestock orders and delivery times, the company needed a reliable phone solution that could connect to multiple devices and allow for constant accessibility.


Gateway Livestock tested a variety of options before settling on a combination of features that best served its needs. The Versature team worked hand-in-hand with Gateway Livestock to set up a simultaneous ring answering rule, allowing customers to call into a single number and have the call be answered by anyone from Gateway Livestock’s carrier department. The ease of management of the online client portal has empowered Gateway Livestock to take their phone solution into their own hands and seamlessly alter the system to meet their changing needs.

The ability to speak to a live Versature Support Specialist expedited its setup process and within seconds, Gateway noticed an immediate improvement in their call quality. With the call forwarding function, Gateway Livestock’s dispatch team is able to work from any location while still providing clients with constant access to information.


Taber, Alberta



Client Base

Canadian & American Agricultural Companies

Why Versature

Ease of use, live tech support, abundance of features, seamless transition

“A traditional phone system will not always translate from Company A to Company B. With Versature’s vast array of features and integrations, we were able to customize Versature’s phone solution to fit the specific needs of our business and it works brilliantly.”

Amy Cunningham
Logistics Coordinator
Gateway Livestock


Dunk & Associates Empowers Remote Workforce with Versature


Dunk & Associates provides health and safety services to over 3600 Canadian employers through Systems 24-7, a technology-based platform that offers tools and assistance in health and safety, human resource, and wellness.


With one main office and multiple virtual workers, Dunk & Associates needed a VoIP solution that could operate well in their infrastructure, could deliver high quality conferencing, and an easy to use management platform that could enable administrators to view the system analytics and usage statistics.


Dunk & Associates was experiencing a growing number of frustrations with their VoIP provider who sold them on reliable quality, conferencing features, and fail-safe routing plans. Soon after implementation, Dunk & Associates began experiencing dropped calls, service disruptions, and poor call quality among a long list of other challenges. After 2 months of paying top dollar for faulty service and trying to connect to an unreachable tech support team, Dunk & Associates decided it was time to search for a new VoIP provider.


Following a seamless onboarding process and receiving their state of the art Polycom phones in record time from Versature, the Dunk & Associates team was ready to go live. The plug and play functionality of the hardware coupled with the ease of use of the SONAR administration platform enabled Dunk & Associates to stay connected to their clients without experiencing any downtime during the transition to Versature.

With a Versature VoIP solution, Dunk & Associates has enjoyed quick responsiveness, all-inclusive features, and higher functionality at a lower cost than what their former provider had offered. The Versature Conference Pod enables the Dunk & Associates remote team to collaborate and connect with ease and hold virtual meetings, while the SONAR administrative platform provides management with valuable call data and insight into team performance. Dunk & Associates no longer experiences the headache of inconsistent quality and when they do have a question, Versature’s dedicated Tech Support is just a 3-digit dial away.


Bobcaygeon, ON


Occupational Health & Safety

Client Base

Canadian Employers

Why Versature

Call quality, cost, plug & play phones, flexibility

“When searching for a new VoIP system, it seemed as though every provider was giving the same pitch. Versature was the first to actually show us the value of its service and work with us to create a unique solution that would best fit the needs of our business.”

Brian Dunk
Director of Technology
Dunk & Associates


Leveraging Tech Support to Understand Your Customers

Tech support plays a crucial role in any service company. They’re a resource to your clients, they’re knowledgeable about your solution, they mitigate problems, and they’re the first ones to gain insight into the most common queries that your clients have when it comes to your service. The insight that your tech support team receives from every call is paramount to better understanding your customer and in turn, improving business decisions. However, while your tech support team is busy handling call after call, they don’t have the resources to compile this information and take action.

With a value-added VoIP solution, you’ll be able to record customer calls and securely store hundreds of recordings in the cloud for long-term or short-term periods. We get it, nobody has time to take out of their busy work schedule to listen to and analyze hundreds of call recordings. So what are you going to do with this, anyway? Welcome, intelligent transcription. With this advanced technology, your conversations appear as text transcriptions so you can save time by quickly and easily filtering through conversations.

At Versature, we leverage all of our own tools to gain insight into customer needs and unoptimized opportunities. We used intelligent transcription from Insights (currently in testing, available soon!) to identify the most common keywords that our tech support team hears from our clients on a daily basis and threw them into a word search puzzle. Give it a go!


Empower your management team with a value-packed phone solution and call data analysis tools. See the power of Insights in action with a personalized demo today!


Mythbusters Volume 4: does VoIP have security issues?

Welcome to Volume 4 of Versature’s MythBusters series, where we debunk the biggest myths surrounding unified business communications in today’s technology-driven world. Any modern technology faces skepticism with new users often questioning the quality, ease of use and security of new softwares. Our Product Experts turned MythBusters are back to tackle the topic of VoIP security and what you need to know before you deploy!

The key to protecting your information

With 21st-century technology and innovative problem solving, VoIP systems are actually more secure than the average landline. The key is to use a reliable network provider, which is essentially a given for any modern business. With a secure network, your VoIP system is less susceptible to fraud and security leaks than they would be with an on-premise option. Quality providers enable user authentication, firewalls, and encryption methods to add layers of security. For fraud to occur, the user would need physical access to the device as well as the username and password for each phone. If concerned about leaks, you can reduce the likelihood by restricting access to the equipment to key employees, ensure employees create a secure password, and change the passwords when experiencing turnover.

When people think about VoIP security, it usually relates to fraud prevention of international calls. Even on the rare chance that a user could successfully access your devices, Versature has protections in place to prevent most high-cost international calling. Destinations that have never historically been called from a Versature extension are blocked for any user unless a customer has approved for calls to be made to that particular location.

Call Recordings

Versature Insights enables companies to store call recordings to create a library of tamper-proof audio records of conversations while remaining compliant with industry legislations. The algorithm identifies sensitive information within the text transcriptions, such as credit card numbers, and redacts that segment of audio from the transcription. Both callers and users can be rest assured knowing that their private information is protected.

Denial of Service attack

A denial of service attack occurs when a system is flooded with so much information that the system is eventually forced to shut down. This is similar to sending a lot of fake traffic to a web server to overload it. Versature has DOS attack mitigation which would shut down the server under attack and revert all lines to our secondary site, similar to if we were to experience a power outage. This mitigation ensures no client’s communications suffer from a compromised system.

Final Verdict

Now for the final verdict: does VoIP have security issues? No. In fact, there are significantly more protections set in place to ensure that users can communicate confidently knowing that their systems are safe from fraud or attacks.

Looking to get rid of your outdated phone system? Request a demo with our Product Experts to experience the Versature difference.


Versature to be the First Recipient of the GoneVoIP Excellent Business Choice Award

Canadian Leader in UCaaS Solutions Recognized as Best Business Phone Provider by GoneVoIP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – OTTAWA, CANADA – January 16, 2019 – Versature, the Canadian leader in Unified Communications as a Service (uCaaS) delivering SaaS-based business VoIP solutions, was awarded the title of Excellent Business Choice for the year 2018 by GoneVoIP, Canada’s premier platform for researching VoIP providers.

“Being recognized as the top business phone provider of the year among a significant list of competitors is another exciting achievement for our team,” says Jonathon Moody, President of Versature.

Versature continues to experience rapid growth by expanding its Canadian customer base from coast to coast and innovating unparallelled analytics technology to enhance the caller experience and empower businesses to leverage their communications to achieve higher levels of performance.

“The recipients of the Excellent Choice Awards are influential leaders within the telecommunications industry and have demonstrated innovation and customer care excellence,” says Luis Aggretti, Founder and CEO of GoneVoIP. “To determine this year’s winners, we measured each provider’s reviews, product launches, response times, and requests driven by the GoneVoIP platform. Based on the data and analytics we’ve compiled, it was clear that throughout 2018 Versature was consistently on top.”

For the first year ever, GoneVoIP has leveraged its platform to highlight the top business phone service provider and the top consumer service provider of the 2018 year. The award honours companies that have developed excellent VoIP and communications products paired with outstanding service. The Excellent Business Choice title was awarded to Versature in recognition of their new product launch, Insights, which empowers businesses to leverage call data to make informed decisions.

About Versature
Versature is the leader in Canadian SaaS-based business phone and communication solutions. Trusted by clients and partners across the country, Versature is an award-winning company that is raising the bar with the highest quality phone systems, superior Communications as a Service and operational system integrations, and Canadian-based technical support. Founded in 2003, Versature has a rapidly growing subscriber base and strong partner network from coast to coast. Visit Versature at

About GoneVoIP
Founded in 2012, GoneVoIP’s service provider platform has been helping Canadians differentiate between a vast array of internet and service solutions. With over 490 providers listed by services, costs, user reviews and questions, GoneVoIP provides a brokered approach to finding the most reliable and affordable VoIP and internet options based on geographic areas.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Danica Bateman
877-498-3772 x127

2018 Year in Review

What a whirlwind year it has been! For the Versature team, it was a year of rapid growth, plenty of caffeine, giving back to our community, and exciting innovation. A big thank you to all of our partners, clients, and community members for all of your support throughout the year. Here’s a quick highlight reel of Versature’s 2018!

We donated all telephone hardware, support, and leaderboards to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation Telethon and the CBC Project Give Telethon in support of the Ottawa Food Bank.

As part of our 2018 corporate philanthropy, we named Vee, a female Atlantic spotted Dolphin off the coast of Bimini! Versature’s contribution has gone towards the research and conservation activities of the DCP who work to ensure that Vee and her fellow dolphin friends are safe and secure from harm.

We launched some very exciting additions to our solution like the Conference Pod, Versature Academy, and Insights.

We were named to the Branham300 top 250 Canadian technology companies and the Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies.

We donated a vehicle to the Youth Services Bureau to provide their Mobile Crisis and Residential Unit with a means of safely reaching families in crisis.

We added 18 new members to the Versature family (and a couple of new office dogs too!)

We partnered with the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard and the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre for the fourth year in a row to sponsor a family in need during the holidays. Team V collected food, gifts, clothing, and toys to make this holiday a special one for an Ottawa family of 6.

We attended a ton of events like SaaSTr Annual, Startup Open House, Dreamforce, the Channel Partners Evolution Conference, Startup Day on the Hill, and SAAS North!

And the most exciting of all, Versature was acquired by Net2Phone, the fourth largest VoIP provider worldwide and a subsidiary of IDT Corporation. The acquisition broadened net2phone’s international expansion and accelerated Versature’s growth trajectory.

Take your communications to the next level in 2019! Request a demo with one of our Product Experts and learn how Versature’s solutions can help your business grow.


Happy Holidays from Team Versature!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Versature. We hope your holidays are filled with joy and laughter through the New Year!

Looking to upgrade your phone system in the New Year? Request a demo to take a personalized tour of our solution with a Versature Product Expert.


Mythbusters Volume 3: Is Upgrading to VoIP Expensive

Welcome to Volume 3 of Versature’s MythBusters series, where we debunk the biggest myths surrounding unified business communications in today’s technology-driven world. When upgrading from a traditional analog model to a cloud-based solution, one of the main questions business owners have is “how much is this going to cost?” While all VoIP providers have different pricing models and varying features, it’s pretty well known that price is usually an indicator of value. With that being said, upgrading to VoIP doesn’t have to break the bank. The Versature Mythbusters team is back to answer your commonly asked questions about the costs associated with switching to VoIP.

Analog System Vs. VoIP

Traditional Analog System

It can be challenging to compare the financing of a VoIP system to a traditional analog system as they have completely different pricing models. With an on-premise system, you essentially have a large, expensive piece of equipment sitting in your office which hosts features like your auto attendant and voicemail. While the equipment doesn’t require much maintenance, when you do experience a challenge it calls for the expertise of a technician. The other piece of the equation is your monthly recurring costs such as call minutes and long-distance calling. When businesses search for a new provider, many only look at the second half of the equation: what their monthly bill is with their current provider. Think of it like buying a car and only considering the base price and monthly payments while ignoring all of the costs of operating a vehicle like snow tires, insurance, oil changes, maintenance fees, etc.


It’s a completely different ball game when you’re in the market for a cloud-based product. You should be looking at the cost structure over time. With a VoIP system, you don’t have to pay for the installing and programming of a box, the physical hardware, or the lines from major telco companies, which equates to thousands in upfront costs and maintenance fees. With a VoIP system, the cost equation is very straightforward: you pay a certain amount ahead, plus the cost of the system per user per month of your contract.

The Value of VoIP

While we can’t speak on behalf of every VoIP provider, the Versature solution offers so many more features and delivers more scalability and mobility than a traditional analog system. Say goodbye to compromised call quality, expensive maintenance fees, and being married to your desk because your phone doesn’t have the ability to transfer calls to your mobile device. With Versature VoIP, your business has the flexibility of connecting multiple offices to be bridged together in one solution, you have easy navigation and customization of your system with no need to hire expensive technicians, and you can leverage call data to improve business decisions. As our Product Experts like to say, we’re so much more than just a dial tone.

Final Verdict

Now for the Versature Mythbusters verdict: is upgrading to VoIP expensive? Not necessarily. You may be spending more per month for your service but you’ll receive far more value and can leverage the features and call data to make more informed decisions and improve customer relationships.

Are you ready to get rid of that outdated PBX box? Get a product tour from one of our experts and upgrade to VoIP today!


Rapidly Growing Engineering Company Relies on Versature to Scale Communications


EMC Power Canada Limited is an engineering procurement and construction company specializing in the nuclear division. EMC offers specialized construction management and multi-discipline trade services including electrical, mechanical, and civil work for transmission and generation power sector clients.


While growing their operations in multiple locations across Ontario, EMC needed a comprehensive solution to deploy a standardized phone system that could connect their multiple office locations.


EMC has experienced rapid growth, doubling the size of their operations within a year. Having already experienced many challenges with their previous phone service provider, they knew that their on-premise PBX system wouldn’t be able to scale at the rate that EMC was growing. Not only did they need a unified communications solution that would enable them to connect three locations across Ontario, but with their rapid growth rate, they needed a flexible service that could deliver and deploy additional phones as quickly as new employees were starting.

Solution & Results

EMC thoroughly researched top VoIP providers servicing Canadian businesses and read several online referrals boasting about how Versature’s plug and play ready phones have enabled multiple businesses to scale their operations quickly and with ease. After receiving an online tour of the Versature solution, EMC realized the value of optimizing their communications and decided to make the leap to Versature.

When EMC welcomes a new employee, they simply call their dedicated Onboarding Specialist to configure new phones and have them delivered right to their employee’s desk within days. New team members enjoy the quick setup and personalized instructions, which enable them to jumpstart their communications. Versature has helped EMC streamline their communications by providing a single number for customers to call into and reach an EMC representative at any of their locations.





Client Base

Transmission and generation power sector organizations

Why Versature

Quick delivery, seamless onboarding process, friendly and helpful customer support, ease and simplicity

“What I enjoy most about working with Versature is how intuitive and effortless their solution is to deploy! The ability to simply dial 3 digits, be immediately connected with a live Versature agent within Canada, and quickly receive our new phones has allowed EMC to scale with great ease.”

Adam McQuiggin

IT Specialist

EMC Power Canada Limited