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The following guest post comes by way of British Columbia and our favourite voice talent Amanda Sellers. Over the last two years, Amanda has provided all of Versature’s automated attendant greetings and system prompts. She also provides Versature clients with discounted, flat rate voice services so that our clients can easily have a single, great, voice for all their greetings and other custom messages. Thanks again Amanda!

Hi!  My name is Amanda Sellers, born and raised in Saskatchewan, now based in Vancouver. I was a singer/songwriter turned Radio DJ, turned voiceover artist. When I tell people I’m a voiceover artist, I often hear, “You’re a what?”, I’m a voiceover artist. You’ve heard me on commercials for radio and tv, audiobooks, kids games, GPS systems, e-learning videos, tutorials, my voice is even on scanner ‘s at Costco. A day at the office for me is warming up my voice, gathering my auditions for the day, then getting to work on any projects that I’ve been hired to voice. I work out of a home studio and am produced my by husband who is an audio/video wizard!

One of my main sources of work is voicing IVR’s and auto attendant greetings. That’s how I met the amazing crew at Versature! I’ve been working with Versature for about 2 years now. They hire me to voice auto attending greetings for their clients and I absolutely love being a part of it.

Getting an auto attendant for your business is a fantastic idea. Why? It’s all about first impressions. Having a professional, warm friendly, clear, helpful, welcoming voice represent your business is crucial to make a great first impression. As one of my colleagues put it, “I doubt that NBC would use one of their accountants to read the news on camera!” A professional voice can reduce hang-ups, avoid caller frustration and really set the tone for an organization. All the necessary things you need your customers to know are communicated in a pleasant manner and can provide them with imperative information such as location, hours of operation, extensions, menu options, and even on hold messages that can provide your customer with mini “advertisements” while they wait for you to tend to their call (hopefully promptly).

If you have any other questions about why an auto attendant is a great idea, feel free to ask the Versature team and I would be happy to supply you with a custom audition so you can hear just how great it will sound!

Thanks for stopping by this blog and make sure you come back soon! All the best.
Amanda Sellers

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Sarah Dingman serves as Versature's Senior Marketing Specialist, putting her experience in content marketing and digital strategy to work in a fast-paced tech environment. Sarah has 6+ years experience working in marketing, specifically within the tech industry, and is passionate about advancements in her field as well as her volunteer roles in the nonprofit sector, such as her position with LiveWorkPlay.