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Advanced conference calling from Versature!


Experience the Future of Conference Calling

Get the best conference calling and advanced audio conferencing features with the Versature Conference Pod. Create meeting rooms, schedule conferences and create on-demand meetings online quickly and easily. No plugins, no downloads or training required. The Versature Conference Pod is fully integrated into our platform and is included for conferences up to 5 callers in our Professional and Enterprise plans.

Why the Versature
Conference Pod?

Flat Rate
& All-Inclusive

No per user or per minute costs!

Local Calling
for Everyone

No long distance charges!

Easy to Use
& Fully Integrated

No relabeled 3rd party software here!


No plugin or installed baggage!

How it Works

1. Login

Log in using your Versature credentials

2. Create a Conference Room

Create an evergreen conference room, scheduled conference, or an on-demand conference

2. Create a Conference Room

3. Start Conferencing!

Invite attendees and get conferencing!

3. Start Conferencing!

4. Get Notified

Receive an SMS notification if your conference attendees arrive before you do

4. Get Notified

Conference Pod Features

Conference Pod Features
Personal User Management

Create an address book of frequently used contacts. Sort, search, group, and tag your contact list to easily add 1 or more members to a conference call.

Conference Pod Features
Easy-To-Use Web Interface

View upcoming conferences, reporting and analytics, and create a recurring, evergreen or on-demand conference room online.

Conference Pod Features
Invite Conference Callers

Invite individual or groups of callers to the conference when creating a conference room or just-in-time directly from the Conference Room Dashboard.

Conference Pod Features
SMS Text Notifications

Never miss a call. Conference leaders receive SMS notifications when a caller joins their conference.

Conference Pod Features
No Long Distance Charges

Call into conferences using local phone numbers throughout North America and International.

Conference Pod Features
Quick Start Conferences

Create and start a conference instantly, on demand with the Quick Start button.

Conference Pod Features
Entry & Exit Notifications

Conference leaders receive onscreen notifications when attendees enter or exit conferences.

Conference Pod Features
Hold & Mute Participants

Place callers on hold or mute audio output for everyone, or individually.

Conference Pod Features
Conference Room Management

View conference room, call and participant information and manage conference controls from an easy to use interface.

Conference Pod Features
User Profiles

Create customized user profiles including Gravatar support for easy recognition, contact details and a default local conference number.

Conference Pod Features
Analytics, Reporting, & History

View call history, analytics, and recordings within the User Interface, and receive detailed or summary emails after a conference.

Conference Pod Features
Conference Recording

Initiate conference recording from conference room to record a portion of or an entire conference call. Recordings are delivered to the leaders upon completion of the conference.

Pricing Made Simple
Thanks To Monthly Flat Rates.

0-5 Callers

FREE /Month
• Included in Professional & Enterprise plans• Up to 5 callers per conference• Unlimited conference calls• Canada & U.S. numbers

6-20 Callers

$30* /Month
• Flat rate, all inclusive monthly pricing (*per user)• Up to 20 callers per conference• Unlimited conference calls• North American & international conferencing

6-20 Callers


21-50 Callers

$50* /Month
• Flat rate, all inclusive monthly pricing (*per user)• Up to 50 Callers per conference• Unlimited conference calls• North American & international conferencing

21-50 Callers


Conferencing is Better With Versature

Number of Callers

Versature Professional & Enterprise Plans

Other Conference Providers

(10¢/minute, per user, per 60 minute call)

Unlimited Calls included in Professional & Enterprise Plans
$30 per call
Unlimited Calls for a monthly flat rate
$120 per call
Unlimited Calls for a monthly flat rate
$300 per call

Take it to go!

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Talk to an Expert!

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