Welcome to Versature


What does Versature do?

Versature is a customer-centric organization dedicated to providing the highest quality cloud-based business phone solutions to Canadian customers. The most common phrase we hear from our community is, “Versature, it just works”. Doing business with Versature is easy, and our customers can count on getting the highest level of support from ordering, onboarding, and technical support being a single call (and only three digits) away.

The Versature Difference – It’s a Thing!

From the first phone call, customers know that they’re talking to a company that has a vested interest in their business. Every department at Versature committed to delighting our customers and keeping them onboard.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales has one of the most effective technology stacks to help us identify and attract the right customers to our brand. When you come on board, you are using state of the art SaaS tools complete with AI to help you do your job.


Onboarding has perfected their approach to bringing on our new customers so our phones are simply plug and play. Our system integrates into the SaaS tools they use every day to incorporate call data and trends into their operational systems.

Customer Success

Customer Success leads the industry with best practices and keeping our churn rates under 1% (I know right?) and continually engages our customers to ensure we are providing the best service for their business needs.


Development is constantly innovating and developing new integrations and products into the Versature-sphere. You can only imagine what we have going on in the labs!

The Perks

We asked the team what the best part of working at Versature was. Here’s what they had to say (plus a few we thought were important, too):

Dogs in the Office You'll be greeted every morning by our resident pups. All well-behaved dogs are welcome to join you at work.
Foosball A Versature staple. On-demand foosball games are competitive and entertaining. Be warned: "skunks" (losing 10-0) are put on the board for everyone to see!
Ice Rink & Volleyball Net Lunchtime games and friendly matches against neighbours and clients. No skills necessary.
Open Concept Office Space Be seated right in the middle of all the action! Shared open meeting spaces are also scattered around Versature HQ.
Coffee We're serious about our coffee. There's even a whole kitchen dedicated to the drink! (Also tea & hot chocolate if those are more your thing.)
Beer O'Clock Wind down your workweek with Friday afternoon Beer O'Clock! It's on the house!
Free Parking Just say "no" to expensive downtown parking! It's not the most glamorous perk, but it sure is useful!
Commute Against Traffic Versature HQ is in the East End, meaning you're against traffic to and from work!
Flexible Work Options We get it. Life happens, and sometimes you need to work from home.
$2000 in Health & Wellness Benefits 100% coverage of health & wellness or lifestyle costs up to $2000. New running shoes or a gym membership? Totally included.

See the New Versature HQ

Versature is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all employees and clients feel like they belong. We encourage applicants with a wide range of abilities and we provide an accessible candidate experience. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.