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Calling all Calgary Small Businesses!

Thanks for meeting with Versature at the Calgary Small Business Week event! We’d love to work with you to bring your communications to the next level. Fill out the form below to get in contact with us directly

Are You Working From Home?

All across Canada, businesses like yours are experiencing the shift of working in an office to working remotely from their homes. To help support business communications during this time, Versature is offering a promotional Work from Home bundle. Your business could receive all the same features like call recordings, voicemail to email, and the Conference Pod conference call management tool that Versature clients know and love, but without the hassle of shipping physical desk phones to every employee's homes.


Exclusive Focus on Cloud-Based Business Phone Solutions

Versature chooses to focus on delivering Business VoIP solutions, products and integrations to support the busy professional. We are not distracted by a myriad of consumer offerings or unrelated business products. Our focus and core competency is to deliver the highest quality and most innovative VoIP products and services combined with unprecedented support that ensures our long-term customer success.

Commitment to Customer Success

From the first phone call, businesses know they are dealing with a company who has a vested interest in their success. Versature has made a conscious investment in the highest quality of customer care so our customers receive the guidance and assistance they need to be successful. Customers appreciate our customer-centric approach from the initial customer needs assessment through to onboarding, and from continual support and learning from our Technical Support and Customer Success teams.

Action. Value. Results.

Do more with your call data! Versature Insights is the hub of your business call analytics that organizes complex data and metrics to improve decision-making, team performance, and operational efficiency. Create a culture of high performance with our Performance Wallboards, and improve relationships with customers with our Call Centre Web Header. Store audio conversation records and easily reference them years into the future with our web UI, or take your company’s call data into your own hands with our Add-On for Google Sheets™.