About Versature


Canadian Businesses Choose Versature.

Versature is disrupting the Canadian telecom industry with Cloud-based business VoIP communication solutions. Trusted by clients and partners across the country, Versature is an award winning company that has raised the bar with superior, cost-effective technology, and Canadian-based support. Founded in 2003, Versature has a rapidly growing subscriber base and a strong partner network from coast to coast.

A Brief History of Versature

– 1870 –

Communication has come a long way from smoke signals and carrier pigeons. The first telephone was invented in 1876, and began being used commercially in 1920.

That’s where our story begins, but let’s skip ahead a few years to the interesting part.

– 1993 –

Fresh out of college, Versature Founder Paul Emond starts his first company, techsupport.ca, which stemmed from his desire to help people through improved technology.


– 2003 –

Versature, sister company to techsupport.ca, was founded with an exclusive focus on business VoIP technology, which coincidentally was introduced to the mass market a year later due to advancements in the industry. Talk about good timing, right?

In 2005 Versature officially introduced it’s first Hosted PBX (aka VoIP) phone system.

– 2011 –

Versature’s branding gets a much-needed facelift – enter the dolphin!

“We chose the dolphin for a number of reasons. Most importantly, dolphins are the best communicators in the animal kingdom behind the human race. Also, the personality of the dolphin meshed well with the culture we were trying to create – teamwork, family, with a healthy dose of fun and playfulness.”

– Founder Paul Emond

– 2012 –

Versature starts gaining recognition in the Ottawa business scene, winning Small Business of the year. In the years since then, we’ve won multiple Canadian Telecom Employer of Choice awards (2015, 2016, 2017) and Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company awards (2013, 2017), as well as Best Ottawa Business in 2015.

– 2014 –

We realized that today’s business is looking for more than “just a phone on a desk”, and released our first SaaS tool integration to Salesforce in 2014. Since then, our list of integrations has only grown to include Klipfolio, Google Chrome, Slack, Google Sheets, and more!

– 2017 –

Mobile workers rejoice! Versature launches native iOS app in the App Store, with an Android app already in beta!

– 2018 –

A big year for Versature! Right on the heels of being on the Brahnam 500 list of Top Canadian Technology companies and being awarded the Growth 500 from being one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, Versature is acquired by American firm net2phone.
Versature also launches the Conference Pod, a web-based conferencing solution, Versature Academy, a self-serve client help portal, and Versature Insights, a range of data analysis tools to enhance call data.

Versature by the Numbers


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