Hosted PBX vs. Premise-Based Phone System

It's your choice: own and maintain costly equipment, or simply enjoy the features.

We are often asked by callers how Versature's Hosted PBX service is superior to owning their own customer-premise-based phone system – such as a traditional PBX or key system.

Traditional business phone systems provide a wide range of business and productivity features which are now also available through Hosted PBX services. So, the feature set is no longer a primary differentiating factor between the two options. For organizations whose livelihood is the phone – such as call centers – owning and maintaining their own phone system often makes sense.

For the majority of small- and mid-size businesses, however, a traditional phone system creates needless expenses and hassles, such as:

  • Physical maintenance. The burden of having to locate, protect, maintain and service sensitive hardware on site. A cool, clean, and dedicated room with backup power is needed to house the telephone switch/server.
  • Technicians. The need to call (or to train and employ) a technician every time a phone or an employee needs to be added, moved, reassigned, or removed from the system.
  • Costly wiring. Traditional phone systems must be hard-wired – every phone location requires copper wire be pulled and a special phone jack installed. (In contrast, Versature's Hosted PBX solution uses the same Internet connection and jack that is already installed to connect your computer to the Internet.)
  • Costly upgrades. Adding a new feature to a traditional phone system will require either replacing the switch/server or adding another piece of hardware.
  • Costly expansion in your current office. Adding new employees or additional lines usually requires adding new pieces of hardware, such as line cards. If your existing phone system is maxed out, you might be forced to replace the whole thing.
  • Costly expansion to new offices. The same system (hardware, software, wiring and phones) must be replicated at each additional location – such as a satellite office or to connect a teleworker into the system.

Versature's Hosted PBX service actually provides the best of "traditional" phone systems with the convenience of a hosted service:

  • A full suite of professional business phone features such as individual employee voice mail, extension dialing, auto-attendant, call forwarding, call hold, find-me/follow-me, three-way calling, and many other benefits; plus,
  • A purchase-free, worry-free, maintenance-free and technician-free phone system.

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